It’s fall, y’all! This glorious season is filled with hayrides, football, and pumpkin-spiced goodness. Many churches kick off their ministry years come September. This season invites new Bible studies, new women to connect, and prayerfully new growth. All of these gifts are sweeter when shared together. 

This will be my first fall in Colorado. I am already anticipating the glory of the golden aspen trees. They have much to teach us about the beauty of living covenantally. Above ground aspen trees grow individually, but below ground they are nourished by a common root system. Collectively they are known as a stand. A stand is one of the largest single organisms by area in God’s creation. They live as one yet are a part of a larger community. When an individual tree is damaged, the trees that are closest to life-giving water absorb it and then send that nourishment to the parched tree. How might God use the Women’s Ministries in our churches to cultivate healthy growth in the women we serve?  What would it look like for us to extend the life-giving water of Christ to those who are wounded or marginalized? 

We will spend this next ministry year unpacking how we are better together. We will seek to learn from the perspectives of different kinds of women the impact when women are called to be the cultivators of this interconnected culture in our homes and churches. I invite you to join us in this journey of living covenantally.  

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