2019 Scouting University
Saturday, November 2, 2019
South Jefferson Middle/High School
11060 RT. 11, Adams, NY 13605

Adult Leaders and Scouts,
There are a bunch of great courses, and new courses, for adults and youth at Scouting University this year! Many of you completed the training needs survey I sent out this past year. THANK YOU! A lot of the needs identified in the survey, could be addressed by attending Scouting University. I've outlined two new courses for older scouts that I'll be teaching:
ELC 227 Scouting and Your Resume'; ELC 228 Public Speaking and ELC226 The PLC. Each course is two hours and is designed for scouts and adults are welcome to participate too. 
ELC226 will help scouts learn more about the function of a Patrol Leaders Council. This course is taught by scouts and involves discussions and role play. This is a great way for young scouts to learn more about how a Scouts BSA troop functions.
ELC 227 will help scouts learn how to incorporate their scouting record into a resume. All too often, the accomplishments of scouting careers are left off from a resume. We will help scouts learn how to design a professional resume and how and where their scouting career fits on the resume. Depending upon class size, we will try to incorporate interview skills into the class. If scouts have a resume already prepared through school, please have them email their resume to the course instructor - Jay Matteson, at  jaymatteson66@gmail.com . Please make sure they copy a parent or other scout leader when emailing, for youth protection purposes. Thank you.
ELC 228 will provide scouts a chance to enhance their public speaking skills. Scouts will be given guidance and tips to improve their public speaking skills. Each Scout will have an opportunity to speak in front of the class to practice their skills.
Please encourage your older scouts to sign up for these classes. 
So please take a look at the classes offered through Scouting University this year! Check out the catalog and register today!!!  
Jay M. Matteson
Tri-Rivers District Training Chairperson
cell (315)783-2251