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Longhouse Council - Pathways - October 14, 2022
Vol. #4 Issue #37
No Risk and All Reward Sale
It is Not to LATE to Sell Popcorn
If you or your unit would like to give selling popcorn or nuts a chance you still can. Take advantage of a No risk and all Reward sale. Simply sign out a large selection of popcorn and/or nuts and hold a show and sell.
Whatever you sell you can keep 30% of and what you don't sell just bring back.
No Risk to you or your unit.
Reach out to for more info.
Reminder Popcorn Returns begin next week Monday 10/17 and ends Friday 10/21. You can only return 20% of the product you have, and you should fill your projected take order before you return any product.
Central New York Orienteering 
29th Annual Scout O
Saturday-Sunday, November 5-6, 2022
plus extended dates through Nov 13
Highland Forest Park, Fabius, NY — Pines Camp (42.83205 N, 75.92329 W)
Every Scout regardless of the program they are in that recruits a friend to join Scouting will receive a special super recruiter patch.
Plus, every unit that has increased their membership by 10% (minimum of five new Scouts) will receive the Recruitment Heroes Council Shoulder Patch for the whole unit. Click below for more info.
Hello my Scouting Family! Thank you for all you do for our youth!
You are going to notice in the upcoming months that the Council Advancement Committee (CAC) are going to start adding articles to this publication on points of interest. The purpose is to help with areas that others may need to be made aware of. If we touch on something that helps you or your unit, then we will feel successful. If there is a topic that we need to touch on, please let us know.
My position on the CAC focuses on areas concerning Eagle Rank. My task, when assigned this position, was/is to help each District’s Eagle Committee to work toward consistency in doing the Eagle Project Proposal and Eagle Board of Review. I also wish to make sure that the contact information is available for the Units, and that if a question arises, that you will have a central contact person.
Two areas that have been mentioned over the summer has been:
  • Need to use the most recent Eagle Rank Application.
  • Information on the Eagle Rank Application not being correctly and completely filled.
Both could be taken care of by using Scoutbook for unit advancement.  Scoutbook should have the most recent Eagle Rank Application and will fill in all the information about merit badges, dates, and the Scout’s name and address. These will match with the information that Council and National have on file. The only information that would need to be added would be about the reference letters, and all the signatures.
If you are already doing this, fabulous! If you were not aware of this ability in Scoutbook, this could prove to be a win for your Unit and youth.
Again, thank you for all you do for the Scouting program! I look forward to seeing you on the Scouting Trail!
Charrie L. Lehman
Remember our annual day of giving November 29th, 2022
Save the Date
College of Commissioner Science
April 29th, 2023
more info soon

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