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Longhouse Council - Pathways - November 5, 2021
Vol. #3 Issue #37
Giving Tuesday is a day for all of us to take stock of what the holiday season really means. Scouting has effected all our lives in one way or another. This year we are asking everyone to think about a story that really reflects how Scouting has made difference in your life and then share it. That is it, just share your story with us and all your friends, and let the magic of Social Media do the rest.
Giving Tuesday is Tuesday November 30th and we plan to pull out all the stops this year. Save the date and Be Prepared to share, re-tweet, connect, and tell your story of why you support Scouting.
Re-Charter tip #1
Remember that all new Youth and Adults must be entered before you can complete your Re-charter. Make it easy on yourself and be sure to submit new application before starting the Re-Charter process.
Re-Charter December 2021
Peace Light North America
The Peace Light, especially evident at Christmas, is meant to promote peace, harmony and unity among all people of the world regardless of race, ethnicity or creed. The Peace Light makes its long journey from the Grotto of the Nativity in the Town of Bethlehem, to Tel Aviv, Israel, to Vienna, Austria and finally safely across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City. Peace Light North America enthusiastic supporters move the Light person-to-person, lantern-to-lantern, across North America and around their local areas, actively promoting global peace. More background about the history of Peace light is available below.
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Other Dates of Interest
Office Closed- Saturday, & Sunday
Office Closed - November 11th Veterans Day
Office Closed - November 25th and 26th Thanksgiving
Remember they aren't Zoom meetings anymore so you need Scout pants- Unknown :)