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Longhouse Council - Pathways - July 10, 2020
Vol. #2 Issue #22
Would You Like to be the New Face of Scouting?
We are looking for 100 or more Scouts from across the Council to become the new face of Scouting. As part of our marketing and media plans for this year we would like to have Scouting families send in a short video of your Cub Scout, Scouts BSA Scout, Venturing Scout, Sea Scout, or Explorer reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Law, or Scout Oath.
So, take ten minutes and video all of those aspiring movie stars in their Scout uniform and send them to TODAY.
Videos should be less than three minutes and please ensure that there is no identifying images or words to your scout in the video. Please send with your unit number and family info in the body of the email.
Can you play the Trumpet or the Bugle?
Did you know that the bugle is used mainly by the military and the Boy Scouts, where the  bugle call  is used to indicate the daily routines of camp. Historically the bugle was used in the cavalry to relay instructions from officers to soldiers during battle. They were used to assemble the leaders and to give marching orders to the camps. Of all the  military  bugle calls, the most easily recognized is "Taps." This emotional  song  or military call came from the  French  military history to signal for day's end, or "Lights Out. In 1862, when the Union General Daniel Adams Butterfield wished to honor the loss of more than 600 of his men, he called the bugler to him to create a call that would commemorate this event and a modified version of "Taps" has been used at military funerals ever since. We are looking for Scouts of any age that can play the Bugle to volunteer with local veteran organizations to play "Taps" to honor their members at their funerals.
Please contact us at if you are interested.
Looking for more info on how to start Den, Pack, Patrol, Troop, Crew, Ship, or Post meetings?
Please view our Unit Meeting & Camping webinar on
Thursday, July 16 at 7:00 PM.
DAY CAMP 2020 is a GO!
Day Camps are a GO and we can't wait to have Scouts from ages 7 to 17 attending one of our spectacular Day Camp programs.
The first week of Day Camp programs went fantastic and we can't wait to see all of the great photos and hear all of the stories of Scouts having fun. We still have several more weeks of Day Camp opportunities so sign up today so you don't miss out.
We hope to see you at camp this summer.
Check Out Cub Scout Day Camp
Check Out Scouts BSA Day Camp
Syracuse Scout Shop
We are a fully stocked Boy Scouts of America National Store conveniently located in the same building as the Longhouse Council Service Center in Syracuse. We ship daily and are standing by to help you begin, or continue your journey in Scouting!

Conveniently located off of I-81, south of the Mattydale exit in the Plaza!

Call The Scout Shop: 315-455-6540
Email The Scout Shop: 
For more information on events, training opportunities, and other activities happening in your district, visit your district webpage:

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