Jul 23, 2020 No.21


Here is a brand new trio of embroidered appreciation patches offering you an economical way to thank those people who serve you and yours while facing the ever-present threat of the covid pandemic. Each patch bears the Latin words "Gratus Aeternum" which translates to "Forever Grateful". Available from both The Patch Corner and The Patch Connection, please see the details below.
This patch will express your appreciation for those people on the frontline of the pandemic who provide essential services while at constant risk from the covid virus. Grocery cashiers, pharmacists, waiters, drivers, clerks, shoppers, and countless others who mask up every day to support our needs and keep the economy chugging along during this crisis.
During the present pandemic, few people work under more difficult circumstances than our healthcare professionals. Doctors, nurses, and most hospital and clinic staff are among the most exposed and at risk. Tucked into a "Thank You" greeting card, this patch is a wonderful way to express your appreciation for all they do to help us meet our medical needs during this difficult time.
Police, fire, and EMS emergency personnel are indispensable professionals who must be on the front lines of the pandemic often exposing themselves to the virus with no alternatives. What better way to show your appreciation for performing often dangerous, life saving work in the face of the additional threat of Covid-19.

Here are a few ways to present these appreciation patches for those who do not collect patches.

  • Greeting card - The patch says it all. Just slip it in an envelope with a note or a Thank You greeting card.
  • Embed - Encase the patch in a clear acrylic frame for a unique desktop ornament or paperweight. (see picture above)
  • Frame - Frame it (as shown above) for a classy presentation which may adorn a wall, bookshelf, or desktop for years to come.
  • Plaque - mount your patch on a plaque for a prominent, elegant display.

Be creative and find your own way to present your appreciation patch given your unique circumstance and recipient. (Note: patch dimensions are on the website product page. Frames and plaque above are available at Amazon all under $10.) All three patches may be ironed on or sewn on most fabrics.
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