Sep 2017 No.3


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SUZY'S STORY (continued)
In the first edition of Patch Talk, we told of Suzy who wanted to buy 170 patches. The prices were $1 at 100 and $0.75 at 200. Suzy paid $1 for total of $170 and that was a big mistake!

If Suzy had checked the total amount she would pay at 200 patches, she would have discovered it was $20 less than the $170 she was paying and she could have 30 more patches if she wanted them. But what if she didn't want the extra patches and was placing her order on a website? There are few websites which will offer options to customers who are buying more patches than they want shipped. So, what should Suzy have done? The answer to that question is: Place a phone order.

DOING THE DEAL - Suzy should have called the patch company and explained that she wanted to buy 200 patches but only wanted 170 shipped. She could have explained that she didn't need an extra 30 patches and didn't want to throw them away. So, she was buying 200 patches but leaving 30 of them with the patch company. In situations like Suzy's, it literally pays to explain they can keep some patches while she pays for more than her needs.

THE BOTTOM LINE - Patch buyers should always check the total price at the next discount level to see if it's less than what they're intending to pay. This applies to all products with quantity discounts, not just patches.
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