Sept 9, 2019 No.18


The end of summer is just around the corner so if you'll be thinking about or looking for patches in the forthcoming year of activities, here's a super easy way to get started. All you need to know is PATCHCO.COM, a webpage with three links to get you to a website appropriate to your patch needs. For more details, simply keep reading. Be sure to bookmark the webpage.
Premade patches, on the shelf and ready to go. For girls in scouting and other programs with same day shipping when ordered before noon Pacific time.

and helpful tools and including prices, FAQs, color chart, templates for kid designs, and more. N ew designs added this summer.

A website for boys in scouting and similar programs including an in-stock patch offering and everything you need to know to meet your custom patch needs.
Patch Talk editions include a variety of information. Some articles expire while others are timeless. So, in case you missed some of the more important past articles, here's an index you can use to find what you may have missed.

• WHY PATCHES? - There's more to patches than meets the eye

• SAVING MONEY - Here's some simple math that will ensure you don't pay more than you have to on all products with quantity discounts

• SAVING MONEY (Cont'd) - More about saving money

• CUSTOM PATCHES MADE EASY - The easy way to get from nothing to custom patches in hand.

• BEWARE THE IRON-ON PATCH - What patch companies don't want you to know about iron-on.

• ALL ABOUT THEMES - Themes are HUGE. What patch buyers should know about themes

• PATCH SIZE MATTERS - What you should know about patch size.
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