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The Prescott Audubon Newsletter

June 2024

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Upcoming Birding in June

Saturday June 1  Watson Woods Walk – 7:30 a.m.

Tuesday June 11 Birding Flagstaff – 6:00 a.m.

Wednesday June 19 Granite Creek Park Bird Sit– 8:00 a.m.


Saturday July 6  Watson Woods Walk – 7:00 a.m.

Thursday July 18 – Mingus Mountain Tanks

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Painted Redstart

Prescott Audubon Birdathon Fundraiser, 2024

The Prescott Audubon Society had four teams in the field within Yavapai and Mohove County the first week of May as a fundraising effort for the chapter's education initiatives. The four groups totaled 126 species, reflecting the varied habitats and large area our chapter represents.


The Monday Women Birders and the Chick-a-Deedees led in fundraising, and Russell Duerksen's team tallied 109 species.

Species unique to the women's group were Red-tailed Hawk, Gray Flycatcher, Cassin's Vireo and Ruby-crowned Kinglet, reflecting the Granite Basin Lake and Clark Springs trail habitats they birded. The team noted that, "Recently-arrived Black-headed Grosbeaks and Bullock's Orioles were singing and the red, male Summer Tanagers contrasted beautifully against bright green cottonwood leaves."

The Chick-a-Deedees, represented by Marge Penton and Jan Parrott, added Clark's Grebe, Great Egret, Osprey, Forster's Tern, Common Gallinule, White-winged Dove, Lesser Nighthawk, and Brown-crested Flycatcher while birding the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge along the Colorado River. Marge Penton remarked, "It was nice to welcome back the Yellow-breasted Chat and the Bullock's Orioles." They missed their usual Great Horned Owl who left only owl pellets in its absence.

New to the birdathon was the first Saturday Watson Woods group. They added a Warbling Vireo and Wilson's Warbler. Their morning highlight was an active Red-tailed Hawk's nest.


Long-time birdathon participant, Russell Duerksen, took his team to a dozen different locations from Chino Valley to the Verde Valley and Prescott National Forest locations to total that 109 species and one coatimundi.

A special thanks goes to all who contributed to this special event that combines the enjoyment of birding with support of Prescott Audubon's educational and environmental programming, and to chapter leaders who "brought back" this event.

Submitted by Doug Iverson

Congratulations on Birdathon Donations!

As of May 16th, our generous Bird-a-thon donors have raised $1403! This amount will fully fund our $1000 Environmental Scholarship for a deserving college student. Let's try to fund a second $1000 scholarship! Keep the donations coming!

Contributions to support the Birdathon may be sent to Prescott Audubon Society, P. O. Box 4156, Prescott, AZ. 86302. Please write "Birdathon" and the name of the team you are sponsoring on the memo line of your check.

Alternatively, you can donate via Pay Pal at  Just click on the "Donate to PAS" tile, which is near the bottom of the home page. You do not need a PayPal account to do this.

Donations will be accepted through June 30th. 

Submitted by Sandy Klinikowski

Used by permission from author Rosemary Mosco,

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