Vol. 6, 2021
Summer is around the corner, and for many of you that means a return to road trips, day camps and more. While those experiences can bring you some sunshine, did you also know they could give you a tax break? In this installment of the SmallBiz Builder, we take a closer look at the return of business travel from a tax standpoint and explore the various tax credits available for childcare and day camps. We also catch up with Padgett customer Paula Klein on how Padgett helped make her entrepreneurial dreams come true, as well as share some tax tips for folks who drive for ridesharing services or food delivery outfits! 
Travel is coming back! What that means for your business.
After a year of caution due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel across the U.S. is making a comeback, including business travel. If it's been a while since you‘ve packed your bags and hit the road for work, read on for things to be mindful of as business travel picks back up.
'These are my people': Supporting an entrepreneur's dream
When Paula Klein decided to make her dream of running her own business a reality, she needed a little bit of help in navigating some of the day-to-day business tasks that come with being an entrepreneur. See what Paula had to say.
Surprise, you’re self-employed! So, now what?: Tax tips for Uber and DoorDash drivers
If you've been driving for a ridesharing company or food delivery service the past few months, you might not have anticipated all the twists and turns in the road when it comes to your taxes. Get a better handle on the direction you need to go.
COVID-19 Tax Changes:
Padgett is here to help
Does this list of recent tax updates and changes seem overwhelming? You shouldn’t have to be a Jedi to do your taxes. Let Padgett fight the battle for you. We’re trained in the ways of the (Tax) Force and we’re at the ready. Watch video.
A tax credit for child care? How to get ready for this summer
Don't worry Mom. We've all been there. Fortunately, the Child Care and Dependent Credit was made refundable for 2021, meaning that child care program you send your kids to might just get you a little bit of cash back, as well as a bit of quiet time.