Oracle Hosting prevents Power BI from connecting directly to the P6 and OPC databases. And users are required to either manually export XER/XML files from P6 and OPC or the users must copy and paste data from P6 and OPC into an EXCEL file for BI reporting.

P6ETL® for BI Reporting Solves that Problem! 

P6ETL® automatically extracts P6 and OPC data from any hosted environment (such as Oracle and Loadspring) and stores the data into a MSSQL DB (the P6ETL® Reporting DB). Once the P6ETL® Reporting DB is populated, users can create robust BI dashboards using Microsoft Power BI (see example below) or any BI report development tool.

P6ETL® can also populate your data warehouse for
comprehensive, company-wide, and consolidated reporting.

Below is a typical P6ETL® configuration