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Mission Statement: 

P2R’s mission is to provide a multipurpose facility that will assist marginalized populations with real resources to improve their socioeconomic condition and promote independence.

Vision Statement: 

P2R Training and Resource Center, Inc. is committed to providing a safe place where underserved community members can receive the necessary support to access wrap-around services, employment assistance, and programs that enhance a better quality of life. 

Guiding Principle: 

P2R’s focus is to help individuals “RECOVER” from “ALL” life circumstances through strength-based case management, evidence-based programming, and mentorship.

$12,000 Grant Awarded


On June 6, 2022, P2R attended the Community West Foundation Check Presentations event at Lorain County Community College along with other grantees. We were awarded $12,000 to launch a Chance to Change Prisoner Reentry Project that will provide immediate service to inmates being released from prison and returning to Lorain County. P2R is excited about providing a service that offers a seamless transition into the community. Our goal is to interrupt the cycle of failed attempts at successful reentry starting with Day One.


Thank You Community West Foundation!

Winners Circle

Lashana Elliott has been with P2R since October 2021 when she was released from prison. From the beginning, she has been committed to stay on a trajectory for success. Lashana has taken advantage of all available resources at P2R, as well as followed through referrals to collaborative partners. Lashana participated in our employment program (REO) and attended several “Life on Life's Terms” Women Peer Group Meetings. To honor the memory of her mother Linda Elliott, Lashana has donated clothing, purses, and jewelry to the Women Peer Group. Lashana obtained permanent housing, utility assistance and other supportive services from P2R. Her enthusiasm to stay on a constructive path is demonstrated in constant contact with our office and willingness to give back. Lashana say’s “P2R has opened the doors for me being a convicted felon, I came into the office broken and left feeling accomplished. I came in and set realistic and attainable goals. I am grateful to have been able to reach all my goals I set and more.” We are excited to highlight Lashana in our Winner’s Circle this month.

Mark Jones -  Is new to P2R and came to his first Chance to Change event on June 30, 2022. His positive outlook and enthusiasm to participate was infectious. Mark has since remained in contact with P2R and was scheduled to start REO, but was able to secure a position at Pepsi. Mark was so grateful for his success, he attended the next P2R event which included a job fair. Since he already had a position, he collected employment information for his peers and housemates at Road to Hope. Mark’s concern for his fellow man and grateful disposition earned him a spot on the Winner’s Circle.

Congratulations on the new job.

 Grafton Reintegration Center Donation

Sergeant Linda Simmons, Coordinator for the Doggie Daycare Program at Grafton Reintegration Center (GRC), contacted P2R and advised us that the inmates in the program would be donating hygiene products to the Chance to Change Prisoner Reentry Program. We could have never imagined the support we would receive from individuals incarcerated in a Correctional Facility. In June, P2R Executive Director Wendy Caldwell visited GRC to celebrate the My Brothers Keeper reunion. During her visit, she was prepared to pick up what she thought would be a few hygiene products. To our surprise there was a massive amount of hygiene products donated by the inmates at GRC. The inmates donated lotion, soap, body wash, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant. During reentry workshops, P2R program participants are ecstatic when they receive these quality products along with resource information. When the participants are informed that the inmates at GRC provided the hygiene products it made a huge impact on them. The sacrifice of these incarcerated men speaks volumes to their character and emphasizes good citizenship. We are motivated and encouraged by GRC inmates' willingness to be supportive in spite of their current circumstances and their actions are to be commended.

New In Recovery Meeting

P2R is excited about our “New in Recovery Meeting” led by our Peer Support Specialist Mrs. Betty Gibson. The group for P2R clients meets every Wednesday from 5:00-6:30 pm and uses the Celebrate Recovery Curriculum. Celebrate Recovery uses biblical principles along with 12 Step Recovery to emphasize spiritual growth and abstinence from substance use. Special thanks to “The Rowland Foundation” who awarded P2R with funding to purchase Celebrate Recovery Workbooks, Life Recovery Bibles and supplies for the group. P2R is enthused to provide spiritual pathways to recovery.

Special Thanks

THANK YOU Rowland Foundation!

Special thanks to The Rowland Foundation for $6,000 to support P2R’s faith-based initiatives to help clients deal with mental health and substance use issues. Their funding will support our New In Recovery Meetings and other faith based initiatives like “Miracles in the Mirror.”

Chance to Change

Reentry Program

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, P2R held the monthly Chance To Change Reentry Workshop entitled “Process of Change” led by Reentry Specialist Mr. Walter Atwood. P2R provided a light meal, plus gave away button down shirts donated by Living Word Church, New Destiny Fellowship and Nathasha Cresap of Lorain County Community Development. Clients discussed the stages of change and how to take action steps. In addition, there were presentations about sealing felony records and the right to vote. Chance to Change has made significant strides in preparing this target population for successful reintegration in to society. We continue to create strategies that promote independence, strengthen family units, and reduce recidivism.

P2R IMPACT MOMENT:   Gratitude Video 

 Life on Life's Terms Group -

Civic Responsibility to Vote

On June 17, 2022, P2R held its monthly women peer group, “Life On Life's Terms” Workshop led by Peer Support Specialist Ms. Felicia Baggett. This month’s theme was entitled “Civic Responsibility,” with an emphasis on the power of our vote. The class was thoroughly engaged in discussions surrounding voting, candidates, and understanding the ballot issues. Out of the 14 workshop attendees, 10 were registered voters; 3 were able to update their registration; and 1 person registered to vote. The group watched a video about the 3 branches of government, and were advised of the importance of taking part in primary and general elections. Ms. Baggett conducted thorough research in preparation for the class, in addition to interviewing Inez James from the Board of Elections. Her efforts paid off and several clients signed up for transportation to the polls on August 2, 2022.

AA Founders Day June 2022

On June 11, 2022, P2R joined thousands of men and women from across the world at Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day at Akron University. Alcoholics Anonymous was established in June of 1935 and has helped countless men and women recover from alcohol and other drugs for 87 years. Ten clients from P2R traveled to Akron to experience this impactful event. We collaborated with the Lorain recovery community, AA Home Groups, and various agencies that sponsor a cookout to feed clients attending Founders Day. This cookout has taken place for over 20 years. Founders Day affords the recovery community the opportunity to celebrate a new way of life free from alcohol and drug addiction. Camaraderie, laughter, and gratitude filled the air as we took in the journey to sobriety during this auspicious occasion. Our group attended Fellowship meetings and visited Dr. Bob's House,” where one of AA’s founding members began the process of one alcoholic helping another. P2R clients reported they had a great time and a strong desire to stay sober “One Day at a Time.”

Paradox Prize -

Electric Car Share Vehicle

P2R Training and Resource Center, Inc. has the privilege of leasing an Electric Car Share Vehicle through Sway Mobility, Inc. The electric car (2020 Chevy Bolt) has enabled us to transport clients to interviews, appointments, employment and various resources to help them gain and maintain employment. There are many benefits associated with the use of the electric car: cost savings, low maintenance, client/staff safety and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. P2R was originally afforded access to the electric car after our sister company Place to Recover, LLC joined the Let’s Get to Work Lorain County collaborative and was awarded Paradox Prize funds to lease the vehicle. The Paradox Prize was an initiative developed by the Fund for Our Economic Future to solve the no job, no car - no car, no job paradox by funding new and innovative ways to connect people to jobs and employers. Our collaborative competed for the funds in “Shark Tank" fashion in 2020 and won funds to implement our project. On June 16, 2022, prize winners met at the Agora in Cleveland and prize winners shared information and celebrated successes in solving barriers to employment by improving transportation issues. Since February 2021, P2R has made over 300 trips on the behalf of marginalized residents in Lorain County and assisted over 100 Lorain County residents with transportation services that led to employment connections. In February 2022, the Sway Mobility Electric Car Share Contract was renewed exclusively with P2R Training and Resource Center, Inc. and we continue to unlock latent transit demands by expanding transportation services. 

501 ( c )(3) NonProfit

Wendy Caldwell (MCJ, LCDCIII, SAP), Executive Director

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