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May is here! We have just received the blueprints for the new P.S. Yoga studio and we have tons of good news to share:

  • We're now offering in-person Kundalini Yoga classes on Thursday, 7:30pm by one of our crowd-favorites - Fantasy Green! Read more about Kundalini Yoga and Fantasy Green below.
  • All in-person group yoga classes will still be held at our temporary space on 3140 N 77th Ave, Elmwood, IL 60707. (Please bring your own mat and props)
  • We are expanding our team and we encourage all yoga teachers and energy workers to apply! Learn More.
  • P.S. Yoga website just got a fresh update + Mother's Day deals! Keep scrolling to learn more about our new digital experiences!
Check Out P.S. Yoga New Website

Meet Fantasy Green + Free Kundalini Yoga Class on Thursday, May 12th!

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What is Kundalini Yoga?

  • Kundalini Yoga believes that we have energy gathered at the base of our spin, and through the practice of Kundalini, we carry that energy through our chakras and out of the crown of our heads.
  • Some of the most popular health benefits of Kundalini include a faster metabolism, better mood, increased focus, and lowered stress levels.
  • Kundalini Yoga's physical and mental benefits make it a great option for beginners and advanced yogis alike and are especially great for those who are looking to deepen their spiritual practice.
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Introducing P.S. Yoga New Website

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As we patiently await for our new studio space to be ready, we've been working hard to reimagine the P.S. Yoga digital experience. From offering more virtual classes to redesigning our website, our goal is to make our community a part of our discovery journey.

We are so grateful that many of you took the time to respond to our feedback survey and let us know that you would like to receive more regular updates from us. And creating a new website is one of our first steps to connecting with you as well as via our newsletters.

Here's a quick summary of what our new website can do:

  • FAQ Page: As a small team, we are not always available to respond to your phone calls and emails. The FAQ page serves to answer any questions you might have without having to wait for us to get back to you!
  • Yoga Quiz: We offer a wide variety of yoga classes with the intention to be inclusive of students of all levels and needs. The Yoga Quiz is there to provide guidance to students who are unsure about which yoga class is best for them. (Massage Quiz is coming up next!)
  • Pricings and Memberships: Just like the types of classes and massages we offer, we also offer many levels of memberships and packages based on your needs. Now, they're listed clearly and with transparency on our website. View Yoga Pricings / Wellness Packages
  • Appointments and Schedule: You can now register for a yoga class or book a wellness appointment directly on our website! Book Wellness Appointments / Yoga Classes
Check Out P.S. Yoga New Website

Questions? Please visit our FAQ page or reach out to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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