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P.R.A.Y. Newsletter - December 2020
Information on the Protestant Christian Program Series
New Medal for Jesus and Me Program
A new medal for the Jesus and Me program is now available for children in K-1. When the program was launched in 2018, the only recognitions were pins and patches due to the overlap with the God and Me program during an initial transition phase. That phase is over and the Jesus and Me medals are now in the P.R.A.Y. Online Webstore. If your child has already been recognized for completing the Jesus and Me program but would like the new medal, you may order this item through the Jesus and Me webstore or by calling the P.R.A.Y. office at 314-845-3318.
New PowerPoints for Virtual Classes
God and Me
Grades 2-3
God and Family
Grades 4-6
God and Church
Grades 6-8
Now more than ever your scouts need a firm foundation of faith. This is the time to complete the advancement for one's Duty to God and commitment To Serve God. You can help Scouts earn their P.R.A.Y. awards AND deliver a quality program. Not sure how to go about it? Check out these new PowerPoints from P.R.A.Y. designed to support counselors for Virtual Classes. These PowerPoints will not only guide you step-by-step through the lessons, they will also help you engage your students and provide opportunities for interaction. And not only students! You may discover how much easier it will be to recruit co-teachers and utilize a "tag team" approach in presenting the material.

Currently 3 PowerPoints are available for download through our store: God and Me (grades 2-3), God and Family (grades 4-6) and God and Church (grades 6-8). Others will be added and announced as they become available.

These PowerPoints do not replace the Counselor Manuals but are provided as supplemental material to support online instruction. Counselors are encouraged to make modifications to the PowerPoints themselves to reflect their own teaching style and to incorporate their own activities and ideas to make the presentation that more personal and powerful for the children.

Are you teaching religious emblems as part of a home study? Perhaps the 30 day challenge plans are what you are looking for.

Virtual classes - as with all P.R.A.Y. classes – must be taught under the auspices of a local congregation (please contact your pastor before offering a P.R.A.Y. class); all students must have their own original Student Workbooks (please no photocopies, please no digital copies); a parent or guardian must attend all sessions with their child; a final review with a pastor is required; participants must complete an online Youth Registration upon completion of the requirements. Please adhere to these guidelines.

These PowerPoints are available as free downloads in the PRAY Webstore. Note: You must have a PRAY account to use the store and access these products. The download link will be available in your account by clicking on 'Downloadable Products'. Click here to login or create your account now.
Revised God and Me Booklets Support Virtual Classes
The newly revised God and Me curriculum became available October 1, 2020, just in time for virtual classes. Not only were the lessons updated, the format itself was revamped making it easier to support online instruction. The Student Workbook is now "self-contained." All GAMEBox handouts (i.e. hands, memory game cards, prayer cube, board game, etc.) are included as cut-out sheets in each Student Workbook. Counselors will no longer have to make copies and provide these handouts; students can find their own copies in their workbooks.
Note: These handouts will still be available for download from the online Resource Library giving counselors additional flexibility.

You can find the new God and Me booklets in the PRAY Webstore: Order your new books today!
Anniversary Month Celebrations
Have you made plans yet to celebrate Scout Sunday in your congregation? Is there a virtual option or plan just in case?

Planning now for February and March will surely help the pastor and congregation and ensure that young people play a role in greeting, reading, and offering. Why not use the entire weekend and complete a service project in advance or use the opportunity to promote your work and recruit new members?

Look for program updates and suggested celebration content from both the BSA and GSUSA in the coming weeks.
Become a "Friend" of P.R.A.Y.
In December of 1979, Christian leaders came together and created a nonprofit to serve Protestant youth, recognizing their commitment by awarding religious emblems of their faith. If you have been blessed to do so, would you consider a financial contribution to support our shared work? Whether it is a one-time gift or a monthly contribution, your gift will support the development of programs and a network of support. 

Because of your generosity, our ministry to young people can help them become more maturing followers of Christ. Children will grow in understanding their Christian faith through P.R.A.Y. programs. They will witness how others have translated their belief into action and have the opportunity for Christian service to others. Most important, these young people continue to spend valuable time with their families and clergy connecting faith and a program experience like American Heritage Girls, Boy Scouts of America, and Girl Scouts of the USA.

Come alongside P.R.A.Y. and help us change lives with your personal, meaningful gift.

If you prefer to mail a gift, please download a donor form and follow the instructions. 
Spotlight on Adult Award Nominators
The number of adult awards awarded through P.R.A.Y. is an important number. Why? Because adult recognitions strengthen and encourage Scouting ministries. When the faith community recognizes and celebrates the adult leaders who volunteer and work with youth, it has a positive impact on the tenure of those leaders.

This is a “shout out” to all the nominators who have taken the back seat, done the hard work of submitting the paperwork, and put the spotlight on someone else. It’s time to shine the spotlight on nominators and say, “thank you.” The nominator is the person who completes a nomination for someone else. This is an overlooked role. Without a nominator, adults cannot be recognized.
Here are three nominators who have gone above and beyond the call to duty. Notice they have different objectives: targeting a specific BSA District, targeting a specific denomination, and targeting a specific congregation.
Targeting a Specific BSA District

Loren Meinke – Religious Emblems Coordinator for Pine Tree District, Central Minnesota Council, BSA – Loren identified several individuals in the district for different awards last year: Lutheran Lamb, Protestant God and Service, Baptist Good Shepherd, Lutheran Servant of Youth, and the Building Faith in Youth awards.
Targeting a Specific Denomination

Robert McRath – Member of the Association of African Methodist Episcopal Scouts – Robert identified several key leaders for the AME God and Service Award from the following congregations: DuPage AME, Lisle, IL; Ebenezer AME, Ft. Washington, MD; St. John AME, St. Louis, MO; St. Peter AME, St. Louis, MO; Woodlawn AME, Chicago, IL.
Targeting a Specific Congregation

Rich Walsh, along with Senior Pastor Donald Wolfgang, nominated 19 leaders in Pathfinder Church, Portage, MI for the God and Service Methodist award. The congregation played "catch up" to recognize those leaders with long tenures of service. Moving forward, they will recognize new leaders as they become eligible.
What do Loren Meinke, Robert McRath, Rich Walsh, and Rev. Donald Wolfgang have in common? Their dedication to the Scouting program and their work in nominating worthy adults for recognition of their contributions to a scouting ministry. Congratulations to all the adults who received an adult award this year. Thank you to all the nominators who made it possible!

To nominate a worthy adult please visit the P.R.A.Y. Adult Award resource page for details, forms, and links to Adult Religious Emblems. Start the process now to be ready in time for Scout Sunday. Strengthen your scouting program!
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