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The other day my mom and I were discussing her finances. She is the brains behind my own desire to save and plan for the future! As she has aged, she has leaned a bit more on me to assist with her financial life and I’m honored to repay her for the knowledge she passed on to me. As part of our discussion, we talked about how much Canopy has been a “ballast” for her when she has needed it. She isn’t a fan of technology so our team is always willing to give her the extra assistance she may need when she is visiting a branch. Just as I feel privileged to help my mom, our staff feels the same about all of our long time and/or older members. I also have the honor of trying to pass on my mom’s teachings to yet another generation, my daughter! She is a 100% remote user and loves our app and ability to chat online. Neither of these very special humans in my life is right or wrong in how they manage their finances. They just simply have different methods!

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Charlotte Portrait

Charlotte Nemec


jet ski


Enjoy life with checking that pays 6.17% APY* on up to $25,000!

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*Annual Percentage Yield, accurate as of 6/1/2024, may change after account opening. 6.17% APY on balances up to $25,000, 0.50% APY on balances above $25,000. Subject to qualifying factors being met during each qualification cycle. 0.01% APY if qualifications are not met. Fees may reduce earnings. Federally insured by NCUA.

RV at the Lake

10 ways to save on summer fun


We live in one of the most beautiful, geographically diverse, and recreationally blessed regions in the country. From exciting cities to romantic small towns and farming communities, to rain forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and ocean coasts, living in the Northwest can mean summer never has to be boring. But it doesn’t need to be expensive either.


Here are a few ideas for finding budget-friendly summer fun:

Explore the arts.

Check out local events calendars, social media pages, neighborhood groups, and arts organizations to keep abreast of local happenings around the region.

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Spokane Community

investing in your community: ways to give back this summer


Canopy Credit Union is passionate about giving back to the communities and individuals we serve. This summer, we’re inviting our members to join us. Take a look at some of the outstanding local non-profit organizations we partner with and if one of them resonates with you, reach out and volunteer, offer financial support, or learn more about other ways to help.


Here are a few of Canopy’s community partners that would benefit from your investment of time, talent and treasure!

Volunteers of America Spokane, Eastern Washington, and Northern Idaho ...

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member highlight: watch her grow!

Emily knows a thing or two about growing. As a business-owner and artist, her passion to create beautiful keepsakes has given her a niche market selling knitted plants.

Born and raised in Nine Mile Falls, WA, Emily’s childhood was full of bike riding, baking and art. At the age of seven, a friend taught her to crochet which launched her into a lifelong passion.


“Growing up with very creative people definitely impacted me,” Emily said.

Crocheting led to knitting, and knitting soon led to selling her creations at a local coffee shop as a teenager. She remembers vividly when she first sold eM knits hats as a teenager.

“They all sold, which was really cool and exciting.”

Around the same age, Emily got her first account at Canopy Credit Union. Her parents were members so it just made sense for her to start her financial journey at the credit union too.

For Emily, the relational aspect of needlework has taken shape in many ways over the years, from knit nights with her friends to interacting with community members at local art markets. 

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Emily's inventory includes a variety of knitted and crocheted plants, hats and knitting kits.

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... that Canopy's debit and credit cards are enabled for digital wallets? Add yours today!

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digital wallets

there are many reasons to sign up for eStatements:

  • safe and secure and arrive faster than mailed statements!
  • easy to access, anytime and anywhere!
  • environmentally friendly and free to receive!

Sign up today in online or mobile banking, or give us a call at 509.328.2900.

Effective June 1, 2024, the fee to receive a paper account, loan or Visa statement by US mail will be $2.

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important birthdays over 50

Most children stop being "and-a-half" somewhere around age 12. Kids add "and-a-half" to make sure everyone knows they're closer to the next age than the last.

When you are older, "and-a-half" birthdays start making a comeback. In fact, starting at age 50, several birthdays and "half-birthdays" are critical to understand because they have implications regarding your retirement income.

Age 50

At age 50, workers in certain qualified retirement plans are able to begin making annual catch-up contributions in addition to their normal contributions. Those who participate in 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans can contribute an additional $7,500 per year in 2024. Those who participate in Simple Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or Simple 401(k) plans can make a catch-up contribution of up to $3,500 in 2024. And those who participate in traditional or Roth IRAs can set aside an additional $1,000 a year.1,2

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