January 2024

Isolate the Problem, Not the Person

Isolating the problem is a common troubleshooting technique. By narrowing down the possible causes of the problem, we can find the root cause and devise a solid solution.

So what is the root cause for many women who get locked up for substance use? Often, it's trauma.

While prison can function as a solution to safeguard communities from those who act violently, it is not always the most helpful solution for over half of those in prison who had low-level, non-violent offenses. Iowa spends over $414 million per year to imprison people, which sometimes contributes to rather than addresses the root cause of trauma. Incarceration can further a downward spiral for individuals and create a ripple effect on families and communities.   

But The Beacon gets to the root cause - and guess what? It's working to reduce substance use, homelessness, and incarceration. Through trauma-informed care, programming that leads with both empathy and accountability, we empower women in crisis to achieve positive long-term change. 

The best part? The Beacon offers this life-changing support at a quarter of the cost of incarceration! Instead of $106 a day to incarcerate, clients at The Beacon are breaking the cycle and living more satisfying, productive lives for just $26 a day. By donating in the link below, you can be part of the solution that changes lives 💖  


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Clients opening holiday care packages from

The Women's Resource Group at Federal Home Loan Bank.

And we keep growing and growing!

Our staff has doubled in the past few months!

Hana Boccella, Office Administrator (and Beacon grad!), was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She is the mother of two amazing daughters and received a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix in 2015. She is also a graduate of the Beacon program. Because of her personal experience with trauma and substance use, she is passionate about what the Beacon has to offer. She is excited to be part of the Beacon staff and looks to inspire women by showing them change is possible. Hana also loves music and enjoys shopping in her free time.

Nadia LaFontant, Case Manager, has an extensive career in victim services, disability advocacy, and community activism specializing in marginalized communities including incarcerated survivors of violence. Nadia is passionate about raising the voices of underrepresented communities and providing comprehensive, holistic care to the residents of The Beacon. She is intentional about providing individualized services that gives power to their identities and lived experiences. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, spending time outdoors hiking or camping, playing video games, attending concerts, and traveling.

Liz Legg, Resident Assistant (and Beacon grad!), grew up in Winterset with interest in helping those in need, such as elderly people and those with intellectual disabilities. As a graduate of the Beacon, she would like people in recovery to see life is beautiful, fun, and full of amazing opportunities. In her free time, Liz enjoys music, hiking, and long road trips. Liz provides consistent, responsible, and kind support to the women at The Beacon.

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