Our special message to tornado survivors, in western Kentucky and beyond.

December 10, 2021, was a day that we know you will never forget...and neither will we. And we know that even as you face another spring tornado season, you’re still rebuilding your lives.

As the news of that terrible day emerged, offers of aid began to pour into relief organizations, and Water With Blessings was no exception.  We received generous funding from many individuals, but we soon learned that survivors were overwhelmed with mountains of donated bottled water. We are confident that our filters are a better option, but that’s a hard sell in the midst of relief chaos...we get it. 

But here’s the hard reality: tornados will return to western Kentucky, climate change is creating more frequent, more ferocious storms, and there’s a good chance that you 2021 survivors will again find yourselves in need of a clean water solution. Going forward, we want you to be prepared. Thanks to our donors, we can provide you with Sawyer PointONE filters that will remove 99.999999% of all biocontaminants. That means you will bottle your own drinking water right away, long before aid arrives. Rain water, flood water, creek water, pond water... whatever the source, you and your family will be drinking clean, safe, tasty water.

Just contact Sr. Martha Keller at 270-623-8181, St. Jerome’s Catholic Church in Fancy Farm, KY, to learn how you can get your free Sawyer PointONE water filter. If you live in another part of the state but were affected by the 12/10/2021 tornados, give us a call at our Louisville office: 502-749-5492. We can ship your filter if need be. 

And if you’re reading this, but you’re not living in a community that was impacted on that day... well, quite frankly, you should have an emergency water filter for your own home, wherever you live. We can offer you special pricing for your Sawyer PointONE bucket filter: $30 for a kit that currently retails at close to $40. 

There’s nothing more important to your health than clean, safe drinking water. Don’t leave it to chance.

We’ll miss you, Laura and Eddie Bauer!

Since 2018, our mission has been blessed by association with The Bauer Group, consisting of husband and wife Eddie and Laura Bauer. They’ve brought a unique combination of decades of development experience and stellar communication skills which have been integral to the growth and success of our communications and marketing efforts. We owe them a special debt of gratitude for their faithful service throughout the pandemic challenges. Now they’re moving on to full-time communications ministry with the very lucky Catholic Diocese of Lexington. Eddie and Laura, you’ve been A+ Advocates and Ambassadors for God’s thirsty children, and we know their cause will remain in your hearts. Blessings for that! and Congratulations!

We will have a big announcement next week in the eNews about our upcoming plans to assist the Ukraine
Time to Be  

“Don’t just do something, stand there.”  Lutheran minister, Rev. Timothy Smith, chose this seemingly backward statement to describe the intention of the Transfiguration experience. Instead of being present to the awe-inspiring moment, Peter goes into action.  He wants to seize the moment by “building three dwellings.”  He seems to be missing a contemplative gene.  At such a beautiful moment, it is understandable to desire holding on to forever.   

One of the gifts of lent is the invitation to slow down, reflect, and appreciate the moment of quiet.  It is a good time to put away the “to do” lists.  For those typically busy with work and social activities, lent is a challenging time.  

In his spiritual classic, CONJECTURES OF A GUILTY BYSTANDER, Thomas Merton reflects on a trip to Louisville, when he stood on the corner of 4th and Walnut (now Muhammad Ali Boulevard) and watched the people passing him.  He said, “I suddenly realized I loved all of these people–they were mine and I was theirs.  We could not be alien to each other, even though we were strangers.”  This was a moment of transfiguration for Merton.  

A transfiguration moment is a time when God breaks into our world and shows us what is true at a deeper level.  Jesus took Peter, James and John away from the familiarity of their day and opened their eyes to a life-changing and life-giving transfiguration.  They had a taste of what was to come, and the splendor of the moment captivated and moved them to attempt to hold on and remain in the moment.  

A transfiguration moment can show us who God is, who Jesus is, and who we are.  It awakens us to move beyond the present moment and realize a call, a moment to grow in an awareness of our humanity, of our relationship with others, as it did with Merton.  It can move us to reach out more intentionally to those most in need.  It is a time to notice those who may not be on the evening news, who are struggling to survive.  

I believe we are all blessed with transfiguration moments, when a grace-filled experience moves us to a clearer realization of being loved, or to a deeper realization of who God is in our lives–the oneness that Merton longed for.  Perhaps it was finding light in a confusing time, or inspiration that came unexpectedly.  Like the apostles, we want to hold on to that time, to “build dwellings.”  Instead, we are offered the grace to come down from the mountain.  

To advocates everywhere,  If you have friends, family, coworkers you believe may be interested in becoming an advocate, you may want to consider sending a postcard or notecard with an invitation.  I am including a sample you may want to consider sending. If you need note cards or postcards, and/or postage, please contact Debbie (debbie@waterwithblessings.org, 502-749-5492).

Dear                ,  
One of the joys of my life has been serving as an advocate for Water With Blessings, an organization that has saved the lives of children around the world for over ten years.  We are a community of believers in the basic right of clean drinking water.  The water filters we provide do just that.  Nearly one million people in this time period have benefited from the committed service of hundreds of advocates.  I invite you to consider becoming an advocate with us on  this most important  journey.  If you are interested, please contact me and hear more good news.   

Reminder:  Our next advocacy meeting on zoom is March 10 at noon.  See you then!

We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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