Fall 2023

Hi Judy,

It has been a transformative year for more than 1,000 college women and non-binary students in our programs:

  • At our Sprinternships™ in Miami, Chicago, New York, and DC, 51 organizations across all sectors hosted 505 students. As you may know, the Sprinternship™ is a paid, 3-week micro-internship experience that takes place during the academic breaks.

  • For the Break Through Tech AI program, over 500 women and non-binary students from across the nation completed their ML Foundations Skills course, part 1 of the 10-month program.

Now, the AI students will move on to work in teams and apply what they've learned to solve real business challenges presented by partners like KPMG, Bitly, CVS, Verizon, American Express and many others. Witness the enthusiasm and diversity of our students by watching this compelling 60-second clip from our recent event on August 14 in New York. 

Building a diverse workforce directly impacts your ability to innovate, serve customers, attract top talent, and manage risks, to name a few advantages. Moreover, it aligns with ethical considerations and the expectations of an increasingly diverse and socially conscious world.

If you'd like to learn more, reply here and let me know.

All the best,

Judith Spitz

Founder and Executive Director

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Student Stories: Finding Chemistry Outside of Chemistry

Just because every step of your future isn't mapped out by your first day of college doesn't mean you won't succeed. Monse Castillo shares the story of how she eventually found her way to computer science — and the discoveries about academics, her university community, and herself that she made along the way.

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Sprinternship™ Update

Following our flagship Internship™ programs in New York and DC, we also completed programs with partners like you in Chicago and Miami. To date, we have served over 1,700 women and non-binary students and worked with over 150 employers providing mutually rewarding experiences. Read the testimonials below from CVS Health and JP Morgan.

Upcoming Sprinternships™ run during academic breaks over the first three weeks of January or May. Visit our site to learn more or email Corrine Doron, Director of Sprinternships™ to connect one-on-one.

What our NY employer partners are saying about hosting Sprinterns™:

"Ideas and work completed in just 15 days by Sprinterns™ meaningfully contributed to the company goals" - CVS Health

"The program allows us to identify talent early on in their careers, while also providing them with a unique perspective on what working at JP Morgan means. These types of programs also provide leadership opportunities for our team members, for them to showcase their abilities by leading a project and a team"

JP Morgan

Break Through Tech AI Bridge to Studio

featuring Allie K Miller

On August 14 we hosted our Bridge to Studio event welcoming more than 500 students and energized them by a fabulous keynote from Allie K. Miller.

Break Through Tech AI is now the most extensive program in the United States focused on training underserved women and non-binary students on machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are very proud that our students are ready from day one to contribute to organizations like yours across industries.

If you're considering Break Through Tech AI, let us know via reply email. There is no cost to industry partners to participate. You provide:

1) A challenge project - something relevant to your tech organization that could benefit from an AI/ML technology solution.

2) One company advisor to guide the students by meeting with them 2x month for an hour (from September to December)

3) The opportunity for students to present their solutions at a convenient time for you in December.

Read key takeaways from Allie's Keynote

Meet Our Leaders

 In this edition, highlights the amazing Nimmi Arunachalam, Site Director at Break Through Tech Miami at FIU.

Read about Nimmi

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