Winter 2023

Hi Judy,

As Break Through Tech embarks on another year of groundbreaking achievements, I want to reflect on the relevance of our work and why now, the work we do is more important than ever.

In a world increasingly reliant on and impacted by technology, our mission to bridge the gender gap in tech couldn't be more vital or relevant. The future of innovation, business, and society is intertwined with technology. We have a unique opportunity to ensure that women and individuals currently underrepresented in tech play a critical role in shaping that future.

This edition of our newsletter will highlight features from our 2023 Year In Review.

I’m very proud to say that since our inception, we’ve worked with over 6,000 women from 200+ universities. Our programs focus on the most underrepresented groups in the tech industry, which is reflected in the demographics of our participants. The vast majority – 90% – are women and non-binary; 59% are Black, Latina, Native American, first-generation college goers, or low-income. Nearly 200 companies, from startups to Fortune 10 firms, have partnered with us to deliver high-quality professional experiences for our students.

What's next? In 2024 we will double down on:  

  • Providing specialized technical training 
  • Partnerships that enable us to widen the aperture for experiential learning and the real-world experiences we offer to partners and students, and
  • Our career support and professional development offerings, which are key for early talent.

As we look ahead, I am excited to see the incredible impact we will collectively make in the world of technology and beyond. Let's continue to break through barriers, inspire each other, empower the next generation of tech leaders and lift as we climb.

If you are considering partnering with us, I invite you to reply to this email and let me know. We will be thrilled to set up a time to explore how we can support your tech talent recruitment programs. 

With deep gratitude and excitement for the future,


Founder, Break Through Tech

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Never doubt yourself. You are smart enough, you are strong enough, and you deserve to be where you are.Izeth Torres Reyes illuminates what Break Through Tech offers our students – new opportunities and new confidence as they launch careers in tech. Read more about Izeth’s journey HERE.

Izeth is just one of the 6,000+ young women and non-binary students who have taken advantage of the programs Break Through Tech offers – from our flagship Sprinternship™ to our new AI Studio and more. No one can tell the story of Break Through Tech’s year better than our students. Hear more from students like Nailini, Tomi, Taguhi, Izeth, Mariam, Grace, Izabella, and others on our website HERE.


Our innovative programs and solutions provide students with skills, applied experience, internships, and other portfolio-building credentials. To industry partners we offer access to the prepared, diverse tech talent pool you seek. 

Over the last year, Break Through Tech offered two significant programs – one focused on Artificial Intelligence and the other on Computing.

Break Through Tech AI

The AI Program expanded nationally, increasing student enrollment nearly 3x over the last year. 2023’s cohort includes 510 students from 100+ colleges and universities.

More significantly, 80% of the students who have completed our AI Program in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles over the past two years have successfully landed a summer internship or full-time job in tech, including roles in AI Research, Analytics, Data Engineering, and Data Science. 

Now offered virtually – so that any eligible student in the country can benefit – Break Through Tech’s AI Program is the largest of its kind in the United States. 

After completing our program, our students landed summer internships or full-time tech jobs at companies including Accenture, American Express, Bank of America, Blackstone, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, JPMC, KPMG, LinkedIn, Merck, Microsoft, NASA Ames Research Center, Salesforce, Slalom, and more.

WATCH: 2 minutes about the AI Studio.

Computing Program

Thanks to many of our industry partners who hosted a Sprinternship™. In 2023, Break Through Tech’s Computing Program served 1,672 students across all of its sites, a 35% increase from FY22. 

The Sprinternship™, Break Through Tech’s flagship experiential learning opportunity, allows you to expand your early talent recruitment efforts, boost your diversity strategies, and open a new pathway into paid internships and jobs. And the impact you can make? Based on our data, our students were more than ten times as likely to land a paid summer tech internship with a Sprinternship™ on their resume than without.

This year, more than 500 students completed a Sprinternship™ at 51 host companies. This was a 28% increase from 2022. More than half (57%) were Black, Latina, or first-generation college-goers. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of Sprinterns who applied, received an offer for a paid internship with their host company. 

Watch: 2 minutes about the Sprinternship™ program 

Reply back to this email or click HERE to learn more about our Sprinternshipprogram.


In 2023, we engaged with more than 100 industry partners to connect our students with industry-relevant skill development, experiential learning, and mentoring opportunities. With the support of partners like you, here are just a few of the outstanding real-world projects our students completed:


  • Students at American Express developed a user interface for monitoring platform releases, with the ability to track the list of changes planned within a given release.
  • Students at Elevance Health Carelon analyzed and explored data for key insights into past performance and set up reporting and dashboards to track improvements in key performance indicators of a pilot product.
  • Students at Microsoft refined an existing Microsoft hackathon project, IQ Engine, which is a React web-app that provides users with a way to store, share, and analyze RF recordings


  • Students built a predictive algorithm for future COVID-19 detection for Pfizer, using NLP and clustering techniques.
  • Students analyzed open-source X (Twitter) data for Accenture to identify public reaction and sentiment around a product release.
  • Students predicted the arrival probability of customers on the American Express web portal.
  • Students predicted for Verizon how much additional network coverage and capacity are needed given expanding network demand and movement.
  • For USA for UNHCR, a nonprofit organization that helps to save, protect, and rebuild the lives of millions of refugees, students used email data to predict which supporters are likely to convert to donors.
  • Students designed a model for KPMG that predicts how best to electrify our roads and communities to encourage balanced growth across Chicago.


Break Through Tech continues to cultivate national partners that operate in multiple locations – and deepen those partnerships. Two great examples include Verizon and American Express:

  • This year we worked with American Express, to scale the Sprinternship program across multiple regions and universities. American Express hosted 107 students across NY, DC, Miami and the West Coast to pipeline Sprinterns into their summer internship program at regional office hub locations. This inaugural iteration of a “Pipeline Sprinternship Program” resulted in an average of 70% of Amex Sprinterns receiving offers to apply for the Amex Summer Internship, with 90% percent accepting those offers.


  • Break Through Tech is partnering with Verizon to launch a two-year Pipeline Sprinternship Program that will introduce early-career talent to seven of their office hubs across the country. The program, set to launch its first cohort in January 2024, will include 200 students recruited from 15 universities who are enrolled in a Computer Science or Network Engineering program. 

Expanding the number and depth of our industry partnerships is a win-win: you get access to a diverse talent pipeline, and our students get real-world experience that helps them enter the tech workforce. Over time, we look forward to our alumni being champions, ambassadors, change agents and leaders from within industry to continue the work of bending the curve towards gender equity in tech.

Break Through Tech operates at the intersection of academia and industry to create new pathways into tech degrees and careers for women and non-binary undergraduates from diverse backgrounds.

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