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Recognizing Excellence in the Educational Setting

Sydney Allard

Her smile is a gift. Her intelligence is a gift. Her joy is a gift. She is determined, caring, generous, and devoted to the children of the Flathead Reservation. The dedication she shares with her students is inspiring. As a teacher, she brings creativity, innovation, and care to the classroom. More than anything else, her understanding of childhood makes her an ideal individual to help “kids” through the early development stages of life. Not only has she never forgotten the wonder of childhood, but she also well remembers the beauty of discovery.

Learning is different for every person. It can be easy. It can be fun. It can be hard. It can be scary. With Sydney Allard it is always okay. 

She helps those who need extra support. She affirms those who find success. She cheers for those overcoming hurdles. Education has been a fundamental force for development, creation, and advancement for people throughout time. Having the right people as teachers, people like Sydney, turns this force into the foundation upon which great societies thrive.

Being in front of a classroom, preparing lessons, reviewing

curriculum, assessing outcomes, and being present every day in front of a room full of curious, excited, unpredictable, emotional, and enthusiastic “little ones” takes a special kind of determination and commitment. Sydney carries it off with grace by meeting the enthusiasm of the students with optimism, energy, encouragement, and supportive guidance that leaves no one behind.

For her love of learning and the way she shares it with others, Sydney Allard is clearly deserving of being a Big Sky, Bright Lights Honoree. 

Kathi Gibbons

Details matter. To a child, those details, reflected by simple acts, genuine engagement, and unconditional support are priceless.

Remembering what is important to them. Recognizing their struggles.

Celebrating each day. Honoring every moment. Never forgetting the value and impact of words. Details matter and that is vital to anyone in education. Nothing can be taken for granted.

A child’s foundation is built by those who take the time, who share their talents, who believe in learning. Kathi Gibbons has shown that with the right focus and sense of purpose, one’s mission can also be one’s passion. She is hardworking, energetic, and fearless in her pursuit of success for the children in her class.

Over the years, she has helped create a positive lifetime trajectory for so many students.  Her desire to make a difference is clear and for that she is being recognized as a Nig Sky Brights Lights honoree.

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Providence St. Joseph Medical Center and St. Luke’s Community Hospital

recently partnered with Zero to Five Flathead Reservation – Lake County and Helping Hands of Mission


We will educate new mothers and families on postpartum mood disorders by providing educational materials and a $25 incentive when mothers attend their postpartum check.

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