Secular Pro-Life began in January of 2009 with little more than an idea: show the nation that the killing of preborn children is more than a mere "religious issue."  As we enter our fifth year, your support is allowing us to do great things!  In just the past week...
  • Secular Pro-Life representatives appeared on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, Catholic World Report, Al Jazeera, and more;  
  • We marched on Washington, D.C. with an impossible-to-miss banner at the March for Life;
  • We brought the secular pro-life message to the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco;  
  • Secular Pro-Life leaders were interviewed for several upcoming documentary films; 
  • Our provocative YouTube video "Bodily Autonomy" hit 11,000 views;
  • And we reached out to the next generation of pro-life advocates at the Students for Life of America conference!   
None of this would be possible without the generosity of our donors and volunteers.  Thank you so much for your continued support.  With your help, 2013 will be our best year yet!

For life,
Kelsey Hazzard
President of Secular Pro-Life
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