Americans in Wartime Museum (Americans in Wartime Experience)
2021 Tank Farm Open House
September 25th & 26th
10-4pm both days
You may register and donate in advance online for the Open House to save time at check-in.
500th Interview with Voices of Freedom
On March 5, the Voices of Freedom conducted an interview in Arizona with Richard McVicker, a Navy veteran who served during the Cold War. Rich served aboard the USS Saratoga in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s and participated in patrols in the Mediterranean and in the waters around Cuba. The interview was the 500th conducted by the VOF, a milestone we are extremely proud of and excited to finally reach. 

Since the first interview conducted on December 19, 2010, the VOF has had the honor of capturing and preserving the stories of Americans in wartime. From the beaches of Normandy, to the jungles of Vietnam, to the deserts of the Middle East and the streets of New York City, we have captured and preserved unique stories from those who were eyewitnesses to history. Combat veterans, first responders on 9/11, and civilians who played a critical part in the war effort – such as “Rosie the Riveters” – and USO dancers have all sat down to tell their stories. Every interview captures an important and unique story from an American who was there to witness history being made.

Some highlights from the first 500 interviews:

  • Charles McGee was a member of the famed Tuskegee Airmen. Over his distinguished career, Charles would fly 409 combat missions over the course of three years. A record unmatched today.
  • Phillip Adair flew with the 80th Fighter Group, referred to by the enemy as the "Burma Banshees." Phillip earned the Silver Star for single-handedly facing 64 enemy aircraft in his P-40 Warhawk. He would become an ACE after shooting down over five enemy aircraft.
  • Nineteen-year-old Michael Hubiack was wounded on Omaha Beach as part of the first wave to land on D-Day.
  • Elizabeth Lewis served as an Army surgical nurse during World War II in both the Atlantic and Pacific theater.
  • Lance Corporal Eric Herzber enlisted into the Marine Corps immediately after graduating high school. He told his mom that he wanted to serve because “its what God is calling me to do.” On 21 October 2006, a sniper took his life in Iraq. Eric’s mom, Gina Barnhurt, is a Gold Star Mother who tells her son's story and assists other Gold Star families cope with their loss.
  • Victor Guarnera was in charge of physical security for the World Trade Center. On September 11th, 2001, he was inside tower 1 when it was attacked by terrorist. His account of that day is riveting and includes his eyewitness account from tower 1, as tower 2 fell.

Each and every story is unique as it comes from the perspective that belongs solely to the person who lived it. If you would like to be part of the next 500, contact Dennis at
Motorpool Updates
GAA on the Engine Stand
Bruce and Mike Working on the GAA Clutch
As spring has now arrived, we have emerged from our shop to catch up with outside work. The GAA motor for our current restoration project, the M-36 Tank Destroyer is taking shape. All the surface areas prepped for the new gaskets and seals.
Shorty and Dave Working on the GAA
The second S-Tanks hydraulic system is beginning to come back to life. During the repair process we have had time to service it fully as well.
Marc Working on the S-Tank Hydraulics
Adam Sorting Track and Road Wheels
During the cold and wet days we have spent many days prepping the work shop for other projects. With the Swiss Centurion now in the shop we have begun working out the fuel issues that have kept it sidelined for some time. We hope to have that vehicle up and running soon! 
Swiss Centurion
Stay tuned for a big announcement next month!