ACHS Summer Newsletter

June 3rd, 2024


June 9th - 11am-4pm

30th Annual Garden Tour, Starts at Athens Visitors Center – 667 E. State St


June 13th - 1pm-3pm

Paws & Purrs for Seniors Info Session, Athens Public Library

July 14th - 12pm-4pm

Underdog Rescue Brew Release Party, Jackie O's Taproom

Sept 8th - 1pm-4pm

Pet Palooza Pet Fair, Athens Co. Fairgrounds

Oct 24th – TBD

Horror on the Hill, Athens Co. Fairgrounds

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LUCIA - female 1 year

Lucia is an affectionate cat! She is an exquisite Calico with beautiful tabby stripes accentuated by a lovely patched coat.

Lucia connects well with people and has shown that she enjoys folks but may be best as an only cat. She adores pets and being the center of attention. 

Being new to indoor living, it seems to agree with her, and she appears happy to be pampered. She is a contented "biscuit maker" who will continue to flourish in a fabulous home.

Lucia is being fostered by the Import House on Court St, she has been confident and comfortable with staff and customers who come in for a visit. Stop by and meet this sweetie.

To submit an adoption app, visit

It’s Garden Tour Time!

Columnist Clare Ansberry wrote, “Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.” That is precisely what the Athens County Humane Society has in mind with their annual Garden Tour, which will take place this Sunday, June 9th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The tour is self-directed and will feature a variety of interests, including small-space vegetable gardens, native and pollinator gardens, and landscaping strategies. As you tour the gardens, you will be able to ask questions of the gardeners, who, with their dedication, inspiration, and perspiration, have made this year’s tour possible. 

Tickets for the tour are $20 and are available now at or at the Athens County Visitors Bureau on East State Street from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 9th. 

Also, tickets for four separate raffle packages (“Treat Yourself,” “Bird Lovers,” “Gardening,” and “Athens Art Guild Local Artists”), each with items donated by local artisans and merchants, are available for $10 and can be purchased online or at the Visitors Bureau on the day of the tour.


Become a Foster Caregiver!

The Athens County Humane Society is receiving a record number of requests for assistance to take in cats and kittens in need of shelter and medical care. Currently, we are not able to help many who reach out to us. It can be heartbreaking to be unable to rescue the most vulnerable ones. With more fosters, we can offer more animals comfort and care. 

Right now, during this time of year known as “kitten season” (because of the number of kittens born in spring/summer), we ask you to open your heart and home to felines in need. 

You and others have consistently shown your generosity by financially donating and supporting our work, and we couldn’t accomplish what we do without you!

So, at this crucial time, please consider joining our foster team.

When you choose to foster, we cover supplies and medical care while your foster pet waits for a forever home. Few acts are as rewarding as helping an animal in need. You can be someone who will genuinely make a difference in our animal-loving community.

To find out more, including our senior-focused program, Paws & Purrs for Seniors, visit our website –

Warm Weather Tips from our Humane Agent

Summer is almost upon us, and the temperatures are warming up. There are things to keep in mind to help keep your pets safe in the warmer weather.

1.      Shelter: Just like you, your pet needs a way to get out of the sun on hot days. Your dog may enjoy “catching some rays” for short periods but wants to cool off after a while—help by providing a shady spot for them to lounge in if they are kept outside. A dog house may not be sufficient because very little airflow is permitted, and the temperature tends to rise rapidly.

2.     Water: Hydration is necessary for your pet. In the summer, they will drink much more water to help regulate their body temperature and replace water lost to panting. Make sure the water is in a shady spot, so it stays cool. They appreciate cool water, too. And are less apt to drink hot water.

3.     Car rides: Many dogs love to take car rides, but unfortunately, there are places that do not allow our furry friends to come with us. Try to plan your trips to leave pets at home if you have to go shopping or dining in those places. Temperatures in a closed car tend to increase rapidly. Even cracking the windows is not sufficient to keep your pet cool. The chart below shows just how rapidly the temperatures will increase.

4.     Walking your dog: Walking your dog is great exercise for both of you. In the summertime, remember that the asphalt or concrete surfaces heat up quickly and retain the heat for longer. A quick test to determine how hot the surface is: place the back of your hand against the surface; if it is too hot for you to keep your hand there for five seconds, it’s too hot for your dog's paws. Try to walk your dog on the grass beside the roadway or sidewalk, or only walk in the early morning or late evening. You may also purchase booties for the dog that will help with the heat. Give your dog time to get used to them before attempting to walk outside.

5.     Shaving: Just a word about dog fur. Many think that shaving your long-haired dog in the summer months is a way to help them beat the heat. In fact, dog fur is one of their temperature-regulating systems. Trimming may interfere with their ability to shed or insulate themselves from the heat. It’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian to find out if trimming their fur is a good idea for your dog.

In summer, dogs are more likely to be out in the yard. If they were to escape, having them microchipped is an excellent way to help ensure they are returned (in addition to having an ID tag and license on their collar). Microchipping is an inexpensive and relatively painless way to help your pet find their way back home. Veterinarians and shelters can help you identify a dog you find loose if they are “chipped.” Check with your veterinarian about the different microchip options.

If you find these hints helpful, stay tuned. I’ll have more information as the seasons change.

Pet Palooza is Back!

Back for our second year – the Athens County Humane Society, in partnership with Friends of the Shelter Dogs, will host this year’s Pet Palooza on September 8th at the Athens County Fairgrounds. Our first year was a big success, and we are excited to grow and expand this yearly event.

The event encompasses community education and entertainment with pet-related vendors, animal rescues, live music, food, family fun, demonstrations, speakers, and more! This year, we anticipate bringing in more resources from outside the area to increase the draw to our community. 

To find out more or to sign up to be a Vendor - email

Something Spooky is Coming...

October may seem a long way off, but the Athens County Humane Society is already stirring up the Halloween spirits that haunt the Athens area to prepare for a hair-raising fundraiser at the Athens County fairgrounds on October 24th.

"Horror on the Hill" will feature thrills with "low scare" and "high scare" times, and it will be wheelchair accessible. Proceeds will go toward supporting the work of ACHS.

ACHS is currently recruiting volunteers to help plan and carry out the event. Actors, makeup artists, set and costume designers, and others who enjoy working as part of a team for a good cause are encouraged to get involved.

Email us at if you can help!

Two Quick & Easy Ways to Support ACHS:

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