Summer 2016

News from Food Allergy Canada 

Our new French website, special summer events, awesome fundraising drives, grant awards, the 2016 Community Conference report and our move to a new office!   

Summer of TAG hits the road for food allergy awareness     
This summer, celebrated racecar driver Alex Tagliani has teamed up with Food Allergy Canada, with the support of Pfizer Canada (Canadian distributor of EpiPenĀ®), to educate about food allergies through community events, racing and a cross-Canada food drive for families in need.

News from the world of allergy    

New studies opening. New findings on siblings and allergy, the viability of autoinjectors in extreme temperatures and more. Plus information about helpful programs for low-income youth and expert insights into food allergy anxiety. Read our news highlights below. 


FARE/Food Allergy Canada partnership: New findings on food allergy thresholds

Food Allergy Canada recently partnered with FARE on the first-ever international survey on perceptions of food allergen thresholds and consumer habits surrounding precautionary labeling. This 16-country study looked at perceptions about thresholds (the lowest amount of a food allergen that can elicit a reaction) and precautionary labeling from the perspective of consumers.

Stinging insect allergy: 10 tips for outdoor safety     

Summer is here - and so are wasps, hornets, bees and other stinging insects. If you have an allergy, you want to take steps to stay safe. Read below for tips on preventing stings - and what to do in an emergency. 

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