Thomas Edison’s 175th Birthday and the Edison Birthplace’s 75th Anniversary are being celebrated in Milan on the weekend of Oct. 22-23, 2022. Come to the Milan Township Hall on the Square on Sat. Oct. 22, from 1-3PM in the second-floor ballroom for a celebration of everything Edison! Enjoy music and movies on vintage Edison equipment and an excerpt by the Edison HS Drama Club from their fabulous musical, Edison Lite! There will be Edison antiques from Birthplace Trustee Don Gfell on display and some other surprises! Come down to the Edison Birthplace Museum both days from 12-5PM for free tours and birthday cake! The Township Hall is handicap accessible. 

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Is it still standing in Fort Myers?

Edison and Ford Winter Estates, a Museum in Ford Meyers of the inventor and the car man, now part of a museum on the Caloosahatchee River, survived the onslaught of Hurricane Ian, which flooded parts of the city and destroyed buildings and roads on nearby barrier islands.

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"Hard work won't hurt anybody who likes it"

- Thomas Alva Edison

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Thomas Edison's Brilliant Life, Told in Reverse

A podcast on Thomas Edison, hosted by Ohio vs the World, featuring two Trustees of Edison Birthplace, Paul Israel and Robert Wheeler. 

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History in October

Fall 1862: Studies telegraphy with James Mackenzie, station agent at Mount Clemens, Mich.

Fall 1864-65: Works in the Indianapolis, Ind., office of the Western Union Telegraph Co. and experiments on improvements in telegraph repeaters.

October 1867: Returns to Port Huron.

October 1868: Signs a patent application for an electric vote recorder, which later issues as his first patent.

October 1869: Joins his partners Pope and James Ashley in advertising their newly formed Pope, Edison & Co. as a firm of electrical engineers and telegraph contractors.

October 1870: Signs an agreement with George Harrington making them partners in the American Telegraph Works and providing Edison with funds for automatic telegraph experiments.

October 1870: Negotiates with Marshall Lefferts to sell his newly designed universal private line printer to Gold and Stock.

October 1870: Charles Batchelor begins employment at the American Telegraph Works.


When did Thomas Edison receive his first telegraph patent (for the Boston instrument)?

Which is the correct answer?
June 1869
May 1865
March 1890

Last month's question: When did Thomas Alva Edison receive a special Congressional Medal for "illuminating the path of progress through the development and application of inventions that have revolutionized civilization in the last century"?

Answer: October 1928

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