Introducing, the Solstice Inverter Extreme.

The SpacePak Team is proud to officially release the latest addition to our Inverter Series line of Solstice Air-to-Water Heat Pumps.

In addition to being the innovator of small duct high velocity systems, SpacePak is also the industry leader in air-to-water heat pump technology.

We take great pride in being the driving force behind the adoption of air-to-water heat pumps in North America since 2011, and we're so excited to share this new technology with you.

- The SpacePak Team    

Unlock the unlimited potential of hydronic distribution throughout system designs.

We have the keys.

New Product Literature

A new and improved version of the Solstice Heat Pumps Brochure reflecting our full hydronic product offering is now available.

The Solstice Inverter Extreme (ILAHP) Submittal Sheet and Installation & Operation Manual can also be found on our website.

Have Questions?

The Solstice Inverter Extreme (ILAHP) is in stock and now shipping from our manufacturing facility in Farmville, North Carolina.

For pricing, ordering, product training, and general sales inquiries please contact your local SpacePak Representative.

Additional information regarding our Project Design & Technical Support services can be found on our website.

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