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Our March Newsletter

The 1860's barn - Fall 2016

This is the first of our Saturday morning newsletters (another new normal), and we hope that this is a convenient time for it to land in your inbox. If our timing isn't convenient, at least you have the rest of the weekend to find out what's new.

Last Sunday was the seventh anniversary of the freak tornado that destroyed the 19th-century dairy barn, pictured above, that had housed our business for three decades. In this issue, we've assembled a memorial to the iconic structure that we and the town of Conway lost on that tragic day in 2017.

In addition, we're posting a small group of new listings and, of course, our monthly features. We hope you'll enjoy it all.


A bonus: a small group of new listings this month. Accessories, furniture, and jewelry, in a new format with larger images for quicker browsing.

Click HERE to view it.


The morning after

On this seventh anniversary of the tornado that toppled our beloved barn, we’d like to offer a few images of the interior as it was used throughout the years. To see images of the old barn in better times, click on the rubble above.

Pippin's Page

Pippin followers will note that we've put his old picture back in our newsletter, reflecting his return to good health and spirit and the return of most of his former coloring. He still inspires daily photo ops, which we'll continue to share. Just click his nose to see this month's.

The Back Page

Our membership cards to the Royal Oak Society arrived in the mail last week. If you're interested in finding out how we plan to put these magic carpets to work later this month when we visit England, just click the picture.

We've just updated our stock galleries, moving sold pieces to their own pages. Click here to have a look.


April 13 - Our April Newsletter

May 4 & 5 - Spring Opening - online and live in our shop

Thanks for reading.

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