Volume 2 | February 2019
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Sir Plus - Your Knight of Savings!

Sir Plus is our Knight in Armor and instead of a lance, he carries a sharp pencil! Sir Plus is ready to introduce you to our overstock and surplus inventory at very attractive prices! If you would like to receive a list of these items, as Sir Plus finds and vanquishes them, please send an email to SirPlus@airweld.net and he will come to your rescue!

Jorge Jumps for Joy!
Congratulations to Jorge Henriquez of Alba Carting, our January Branch Survey drawing winner of an auto darkening helmet. Jorge, who regularly shops at our Bronx Welding Supply Whittier store, enjoys the friendly atmosphere. "Paul and Joel treat me like family and make me feel like a valued customer when I visit the store," he told the Inside Out .

We want to know about your shopping experience! Visit your local Airweld, Bronx Welding or Atlantic Welding location, fill out our survey card, and maybe you will be our February winner! No purchase necessary but neat printing is!
Meet Jonathan Ingardia
Jonathan Ingardia’s career has been a “paper chase.” This former wallpaper estimator and installer knows the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. He traded in his ladder and trowel for gas analyzers, calibration samples, and a new kind of paper, Certificates of Analysis. After five years of honing his skills in the specialty gas industry, he joined the Airweld team in early 2018. “I love the family environment and encouragement that Airweld offers all of its employees,” Ingardia shared. “We take pride in ensuring that our ultra-high purity and specialty gas mixtures exceed our customer’s requirements and fulfill their critical applications,” he added.
Meet Thomas Corr
Thomas Corr used to work for the company that you see on television commercials. It’s the one that swoops in when there is flood or damage at a business or home, cleans it up and is out in seconds. Thomas said the reality is most of their work was down the drain, in sewers that is! Seeking a cleaner occupation, Thomas joined the Airweld Farmingdale team in the summer of 2018, and works on the testing and repair of gas cylinders. “I like the way Airweld empowers employees to grow and better themselves,” Corr said. By the way, this recently married groom intends to keep his ZZ Top beard!
Technical and Event Videos
We are building our library of videos on Airweld Inc On YouTube . These include special events coverage as well as technical tips and advice. Check back regularly for new videos.

Presidents' Day Schedule

The following stores will be open from
8 AM - Noon on Presidents' Day for your shopping convenience:

Atlantic Welding, 97 Georgia Ave, Brooklyn
Atlantic Welding, 791 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
Airweld, 35-07 College Point Blvd, Flushing
Bronx Welding, 467 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx

Happy Presidents Day!
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