Our very own ISA Certified Arborist, Larry Van Groningen was on the NBC Bay Area News and mentioned informative information regarding your trees.


Due to our recent storms, the soil is at maximum field capacity, where the soil is unable to hold any additional water.

If roots are shallow, weak, or compromised in any way, the overload of rain followed by strong wind can easily uproot a tree. 

Signs to watch for are cracked or heaving soil, exposed roots, or a change in the lean of a tree.

Show special consideration to taller trees since they may be older than many of those around them. As time goes on, under certain soil conditions, there is a possibility that the tree’s roots have begun to rot, reducing the tree’s grip in the soil (reducing its stability). It’s not terribly uncommon to see large trees whose root systems have been reduced by root rot, pushed over (with much of what remains visible above ground, having been torn out).

We offer an ISA Certified Arborist's

Consultation service to help determine if the tree has been affected and is a

risk to surrounding structures and people.

The fee for this service is

determined by site location. If interested, call 408-836-9147 and we can help.

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