2023 End of Year Newsletter

Dear Reader

As we bid farewell to 2023, we reiterate our five-year plan to bring more resources to traditionally under-resourced LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations in our smaller cities and towns and in the urban centers of Texas.

We also express thankfulness for our community's collective response amid the escalating homophobia and transphobia we’ve witnessed over the past two years. It is imperative Texas Pride Impact Funds expands support for grassroot efforts persevering in the face of politically motivated discriminatory challenges.


To our growing TPIF community, thanks to each of you for your dedication and passion. Your support has been a beacon of hope, and we enter the new year with determination and a renewed commitment to community building.


The generosity of donors, corporate sponsors, and institutional funders enabled TPIF to surpass $1,500,000 in grant awards to LGBTQ+ nonprofits since our first $120,000 grant cycle in November of 2018. In January of this year, we launched our first three-year cohort, our Texas Health Impact Grants, supporting 13 grassroots organizations aiding hard-to-reach communities at the highest risk for HIV. In October, our Community Grants Program awarded $215,000, a 22% increase, to 39 organizations. And additional emergency funding has been awarded to families facing financial hardship accessing healthcare for transgender and gender diverse youth.

Strengthening Partnerships

Despite legislative challenges, our collaborations deepened as we expanded our state and national network with leading organizations committed to inclusivity through philanthropy. Strengthening partnerships created a united front against discrimination, ensuring the LGBTQ+ community's voice remains strong.

Community Connection

In 2023 we piloted community events as spaces of resilience and resistance, from small gatherings to “deep dive” Impact Luncheons. Your participation fortified the TPIF family, illustrating the power of unity in adversity.

Looking Ahead

TPIF remains committed to our five-year growth plan with the key objective of annual grantmaking reaching $1,000,000 by 2026. Together with LGBTQ+ organizations working tirelessly across the state, this momentum will be breaking barriers, advocating for change, and building a future where every LGBTQ+ Texan can thrive.

Wishing you a resilient holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Ron Guillard 

Executive Director 

Texas Pride Impact Funds

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