May 2017 - Issue 62

Imagine this - you are about to settle down for the night when all of a sudden, you find out that more than 1,000 units have been taken off the production line because of a suspected product contamination.  Your employees don't have time to go through every unit to determine where the contaminant might be - but we do!

Customers can rely on MD Packaging for all their re-work and emergency product inspection rental needs!  We stock various sizes of x-rays and metal detectors in our Markham office.  With our flexible program, we can deliver the equipment to you with our technical expertise or you can ship your product to our facilities.  We can rent our Product Inspection equipment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis!
Thermo Scientific's x-ray and metal detection systems have been successfully employed to detect ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metals, glass, stone, bone, PVC-based plastics, rubber and a number of other dense contaminants.  We are also able to detect product variations such as air voids and under filled packaging as well as product damage, missing components and a range of other quality defects or non-conformities.
We promise rapid response with fast turnaround to meet all of your emergency situations.  Any inquiry, product tests, inspection work and reports and findings relating to the inquiry or inspection work carried out by MD Packaging will always be undertaken in the strictest confidence.
MD Packaging's Re-work program is a certified service that offers a full range of documentation.  We will always maintain full traceability records for all products inspected or handled.  This will allow customers to have full-visibility throughout the entire inspection procedure.
If you suspect that you have had an incident - contact us!


New Website Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that we are currently in the process of launching our new website!  Lots of exciting changes!  It will be a fresher, more modern look and very easy to navigate!  Stay tuned...
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any active projects you are working on.  We would be happy to review your specific application and determine the best fit for your organization.