BCM newsletter | April 2023

How Budget for LifeTM changed the direction of Norma and Juan's family

They saw the way it had worked for a family member – how they’d learned to save and budget and had even paid off debt. After realizing changes were needed to their own financial habits, Norma and Juan enrolled – and were accepted – in BCM’s Budget for LifeTM program. As parents to two boys, ages 12 and 14, Norma and Juan knew they wanted to teach their children how to manage money. But not simply by telling them, but also leading by example. 

A future goal for Norma and Juan? Purchasing a home. Coming into the program owing more than $29,000 – including a car note and nearly $8,500 in credit card debt – meant there was work to be done. But they started learning right away.

Before entering Budget for LifeTM, Norma and Juan were unaware of the interest rate on their car note and the 19% and 20% interest rates on their credit cards. As Norma and Juan attended the money management class and worked with their case manager, they learned the importance of understanding how to read their credit statements. 

Norma learned through the process of Budget for LifeTM that one of her credit cards has an introductory rate of 0% that ended in May with an increased rate of 20%. Since discovering this, Norma and Juan have successfully paid off $2,600 and have a zero balance on this credit card. And the couple is making progress every day. Norma was able to contact another creditor and advocated to have her credit card interest rate reduced by 1%. 

Once Norma and Juan entirely pay off their credit cards, they plan only to use them for emergencies. Now, they’re working towards refinancing their car note to lower both their interest rate and monthly payment. 

Since Norma started learning how to manage her money, her confidence has improved. As a result, she was able to increase her hourly rate to $15 at work and was recently given a new position at her job. Thanks to Budget for LifeTM, Norma and Juan have a new outlook on their finances, family and future and are well on their way to becoming homeowners.

Did you know?

Georgia has the 10th highest poverty rate of the entire United States. This means a total of 14% of Georgia residents – including 21% of those under age 18 and 19% of those over age 65 – are living in poverty.

There's something YOU can do to help: provide emergency assistance to those in need. This helps break the cycle of poverty and homelessness for families in need here in our community. Give today!

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Ways to help BCM Georgia

  • There are still Money Management Coach volunteer positions available! You can be a part of our Budget for LifeTM program, which runs bi-weekly from April-June and monthly from July-August.

  • We have an ongoing, easy need to meet. Each of our Emergency Assistance families are offered a grocery gift card to offset the high cost of food and fuel.

For more information about either of these service opportunities, email volunteers@bcmgeorgia.org.

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