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Friday, March 10, 2023: Twice a week we bring you informational, educational, inspirational, and entertaining messages. This edition showcases the following topic:

  • Friday Inspiration and Fun. The Servant Leadership movement instigated by Robert K. Greenleaf illustrates some of the same insights developed by professional social scientists, though Greenleaf himself was a business executive. When Greenleaf graduated from Carleton College in 1926, he dreamed of making an important contribution to the world, and one of his professors convinced him that his best chance to do that was in a large corporation. So he went to work for the American Telephone & Telegraph Company, then the world’s largest and probably most effective business. He worked his way up from the bottom to the position of Vice President and Director of Management Research, a role he created for himself that gave him lots of room to explore his own ideas about organizational management and leadership. AT&T gave him extensive freedom to study leadership and management behavior in an attempt to develop the best possible leaders for the company. Find out more below. https://ourbetterangels.org/Robert-Greenleaf-SLM

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