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Tuesday, May 30, 2023: HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY

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  • Tuesday Information and Education At the end of World War Two, Americans had just emerged on the winning side of a bloody, monumental struggle for world influence, a struggle orchestrated by seemingly titanic figures like Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin, and Franklin Roosevelt. Just after the war, a variety of public opinion polls concluded that citizen confidence in American institutions was running high – around 75% of Americans felt secure about the future of American government, business, education, religion, and the professions. Fifty years later, however, that level of citizen confidence had plummeted to less than 20%. One strikingly consistent feature of these alarming statistics is that declining confidence in American institutions has been mostly a matter of declining confidence in the leaders of those institutions. Americans still seem to value the inherent worth of their central institutions; they just don't believe they are being properly led. Find out more at https://ourbetterangels.org/what-we-think-we-know-about-leadership-behavior

  • Coming Up on Friday – Inspiration and Fun.

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