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Issue No. #255 | May 12, 2023

俗语 from Xi Jinping

扑面而来 pūmiàn érlái

Definition: lit. sth hits one in the face / directly in one's face / sth assaults the senses / blatant (advertising) / eye-catching / (a smell) assaults the nostrils

Original: 习近平指出,雄安站是雄安新区的交汇车站,要进一步完善联通雄安站和雄安新区的交通“微细血管”,提升人流物流聚集和疏散的效率。要把昝岗片区建设成为高端高新产业集聚区,让各方来客一到雄安,就能感受到雄安新区扑面而来的现代化新气象。

Background: This week, Xi Jinping visited the Xiong'an New Area and urged further progress in a the construction of a "city of the future," which would be so modern as to assault the senses. Xiong'an New Area is intended to relieve Beijing of its non-essential functions and ameliorate issues like traffic congestion; it is also meant to serve as a model of improved urban design.

Source: 习近平在河北雄安新区考察并主持召开高标准高质量推进雄安新区建设座谈会

Weekly Reading: First Arrest for Fake News Created with Generative AI

Police in Gansu made a historic first arrest last week when they apprehended a man who had used ChatGPT to create fake news about fatalities in a train accident, which he disseminated from a number of different Baidu accounts: 【主动创稳】挖呀挖,甘肃公安侦破首例利用AI人工智能技术炮制虚假信息案!

For more advanced readers, here is the latest on PCAOB audit inspection results: 中国证监会回应中概股审计缺陷多:愿与美监管机构促进监管合作.


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East Asia Cyber Analyst

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We are actively hiring a East Asia Analyst with Level 3 Chinese to join our team working in Chantilly, VA. In this role you will provide language, cultural, and analytic services. You will also provide data analysis and processing, tailored analytic applications, and analytic methodology support to a cyber intelligence mission. 

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