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Event Location 

Directions to  Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia, ON
Race Site:  
Highway 400 North to Highway 11 North. Exit East on Coldwater Road to South on West Street, Go East on Mississauga Street, North on Front Street to Couchiching Beach Park. 


The City of Orillia prides itself on being a green community and we would like to do our part by making the event as green as possible.  There will be stations with  recycling, garbage and compost containers around the site so please make sure you do your part and put waste in the appropriate containers!

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On-Site Wetsuit Rentals

D'Ornellas Bike Shop is looking forward to being part of your triathlon journey! Race morning we will be on site for all Subaru Series Races equipped for anything and everything you need to make it to the finish line.  As always we offer special pricing in store on all clothing, parts, and accessories.
Wetsuit rental is available for a fee of $50 (non refundable) per weekend.
Store and Expo Pick up available.

All rentals are on a first come first serve basis.
To reserve your suit call 
Readers Digest Version of the Bike Rules
1. Always keep right!
2. When passed you must not accelerate! 
Allow the pass, then return the favour and pass them if you can. 
3. Communicate!
When you wish to pass let the person ahead of you know by shouting "on your Left". 
4. Listen! 
Pay attention to the other cyclists.  If some tells you they're "on your left" move right as quickly as possible and let them pass safely. 
5. Blocking is dangerous.
Riding side by side with friends blocks the road for faster cyclists and cars! This is very dangerous and could get you penalized. 
6. Self Police.
If someone is blocking your path and will not move to allow you to pass, make a mental note of their number and file a protest at the end of the race.  A good idea is to speak with others around them and ask them to do the same.  It's rare that only one person is held up. 
7. Never cross the centre of the road! 
Lines are not always painted on the road.  This also applies when cornering - cut the corner and you will be an automatic DQ. 
8. Always assume the road is open to cars! 
You must share the road! At any time a car may enter the course from driveways etc. Always be mindful.
9. Know the Course. 
It is your responsibility to know the course. Please look over the maps posted in this newsletter. 
For more information from Triathlon Ontario, visit their GoTri  website.

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All races that are sanctioned in Ontario use Triathlon Ontario
 (a separate governing body) to officiate. In order to race at the event this weekend you are either a yearly member of Triathlon Ontario or you have already paid the $7 one day fee to TO making you a one day member of their group. Please make yourself aware of their rules in order to make sure you keep yourself and others  safe. If you encounter a PENALTY or DQ (disqualification) during an event and want to learn more about it please 
for better understanding.

Orillia Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon and Try-a-Tri

You are  receiving  this email because you have registered for the race on August 19th. We hope this gives you plenty of time to get organized and mentally prepared for the event. We are excited to welcome you to the HOME of the Subaru Triathlon Series.

We are looking forward  to welcoming all of you to Orillia on August 19th. We are excited to meet and greet the new and familiar faces of the Subaru Series. Please read below for IMPORTANT details regarding your upcoming race. 

If you have a friend who still needs to register - we are accepting race registrations online until 10am on Friday August 17th but will also have Sunday on-site registration. 

Couchiching Beach Park Swim Start

If you are a FIRST TIME TRIATHLETE OR DUATHLETE we want you to be excited and prepared. IF you haven't already done so please  go to the BEGINNERS GUIDE BUTTON on the left for great tips and tricks. Nothing makes your first race experience better than coming prepared!

Qualifying Spots for the 2019 World Duathlon Championships in Spain

On August 19th, the Orillia sprint distance duathlon will serve as an additional Ontario based 2019 ITU Multisport World Championship qualification race.  The event will offer one automatic qualification spot per gender, per five year age group.

CLICK HERE for more details


2018 On-Site Race Kit Pick Up Procedures 

Every Athlete Must Check In 
Once you get to the race site you will need to complete these steps in order

Look for your name on the alphabetical race list and find your race#.
Sign and date and put your race # on your waiver (even if you filled out on-line)
Hand in completed waiver at the next station where you will pick up your race credential envelope . The envelope has a contents list and instructions on it.
After you get your envelope, check the contents and then proceed to pick up your t-shirt. There are 3 things in your envelope 1- race bib, 2-bike stickers 3-post race food wristband.

T-shirt pick up (look at your envelope label to see what you selected)
   STEP 5
Timing chip pick up and body marking located at the end of registration
Relay Teams
Please have all team members with you when picking up your kit. Each team member must complete and hand in a  signed waiver prior to receiving race credentials or  t-shirts.
  If this is not possible then print off the waiver and have your partner(s) sign it so you can successfully complete registration. 

Race Weekend Schedule

Sunday August 19th 

6:30am-8:00am Race Kit Pick Up & Registration
For all races!
Sprint Triathlon START
8:15am Sprint Duathlon START
10:00-10:45am  Second Race Kit Pick Up & Registration
Try-a-Tri Athletes
11:00 am Try-a-Tri START

Wave Charts

Please note that switches to wave starts will only be made if moving to a later wave. Please otherwise remain and race in the wave assigned to your age group.

Sprint Triathlon Wave Chart

Category Wave
Elite Men/Women
Juniors (19 and Under)
Men 20-29
Women 20-29
Men 60+
Women 60+

Men 30-44
Women 30-39

Men 45-49
Women 40-49

Light Blue
Men 50-59
Women 50-59


Sprint Duathlon Wave Chart



Try-a-Tri Wave Chart

wave SWIMCAP Start
All Juniors 
(19 and under)
Men 20-29
Women 20-39
Men 30-49
Women 40-49

Royal Blue
Men 50+
Women 50+

Remember that if you are not comfortable in an earlier wave, you can move to Wave 3.

IMPORTANT - Race Particulars
Points of Interest     
  • The quickest way to get DQ'd is to Cross the Center Line on the Bike Course. This is a mandatory Triathlon Ontario rule that they do not take lightly. This is for everyone's safety.
  • Please be aware that the service road has speedbumps. Keep Alert.  
  • Please remember that roads are not closed to vehicular traffic. Police are available throughout the courses to help with traffic flow. 
  • Please stay right to allow others to pass you. Don't cut corners on the bike or run courses.
  • Each km of the run will be marked with a sign on the road 
  • Each 5 km will be marked on the bike course 
Always be courteous of fellow athletes and encouraging to those new to the sport 

Please listen and respect the TO officials on the course.  They are there for your safety and enjoyment of the race.  
Pay Attention: No personal listening devices are allowed while racing and are subject to disqualification. 

Smile as you cross the finish line.  As always, FinisherPix Photographers will be there to take your picture.  Pictures can be viewed within 48 hours after the event on their website.    
Aid stations on the Run:
Sprint - There will be 3 aid stations that you will pass twice. You will have the opportunity to get water 6 times on the course.
Try a Tri- 1 aid station that you will pass twice giving you 2 opportunities for water.

Please keep litter to a minimum by dropping your cup close to the station. The volunteers do their best to pick up the cups dropped on course. 

All: Please remember that if the day looks like it is going to be really hot and humid to plan accordingly.  Come well hydrated and rested.  Pack extra drinks for you and your family. Each athlete will receive a bottle of water at the finish line.  Please only take one!  We need to enforce this to ensure that those finishing later on in the day also get one.  There will be refill stations available.

Racking Your Bike In Transition Area

Sprint Tri Age Group Athletes: Rack your bike according to your AGE GROUP and SEX. ie- Men 30-34.
Sprint Duathlon Age Group Athletes: Rack your bike on the separate duathlon bike rack(s)
Elite: have their own rack.
Relays: also have their own rack.  Please look at the sign on the end of the rack for your correct designation.
Try-A-Tri will rack by their WAVE and have a designated transition area within the larger Sprint Transition

Your Swim Start Check List

An open water swim in triathlon is substantially different from swimming in a pool. To alleviate stress, it's important that you arrive on race day healthy, fit and prepared. Here is a check list to help you prepare.

Race day should not be your first open water swim. It is always wise to practice before hand especially if using a wet suit for the first time.  

Make sure you know your swim start time with in the correct event. Please refer to the wave charts above and the course maps from the links at the top of the page.

Arrive early enough on race day to properly warm up to swim start. Water warm ups are not officially supervised . If you are unable to get in the water , spend about 5-10 min getting loose. Perhaps do some cardio activity such as a light jog to increase circulation and prep your muscles.

Don't race at maximum effort from the start. Relax and focus on breathing and keeping your head up for the first while until you can find your pace and feel more comfortable. If it is your first triathlon and find yourself nervous about the swim, please consider asking to switch to the last wave of your race at the Late Registration/Solutions Table. This will allow you to spread out more and take your time. We like to say that it is best to EXPERIENCE your first event and not to RACE it! :-) 

In a race always stop at the first sign of medical problem. If you or a fellow athlete needs help, just raise your hand to alert a lifeguard or safety boat. You are allowed to stop at any time and hang on to rest as long as you don't gain any forward advantage. Safety comes first!

Subaru offers a $750 cash back athlete rebate 
to Subaru Triathlon Series finishers!
Click here for more information