Here we are...the Friday before Tuesday 10/6...feels like this has been out in the world for a long time because it has, at least in the planning stages...once I heard Dennis Dunaway's book was near completion and release dates spoken about I reached out to let him know if he ever were in Dallas or up for flying in we would love to host an event.  So the book was released and Dennis was doing events but none near Dallas.  I kept in touch and a window of time opened up.  Dennis was first on board obviously.  Then I reached out to his brother-in-law and rhythm section partner Neal Smith and he came on board.  Up next was Michael Bruce....the nicest and most gracious guy you could hope in Dallas at Good Records we are in for a treat as we have 3/5 of the original Alice Cooper group....they will be discussing Dennis' wonderful book Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures In The Alice Cooper Group (the reason the whole thing is happening) with a Q&A led by Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Morning News, after that they will sign copies of the book and 2 items in addition to the book so pick your favorite album or poster and have your heroes sign it, then they will play a brief set of musical numbers for us.  At which point then I will officially levitate.  The afterparty will be held at Midnight Rambler with DJ Mark Ridlen spinning some late 60s/early 70s psychedelic glam rock classics.  While you are here though Upslope Brewing will be giving away FREE libations to those 21+. 

For every book purchased (BOOK MUST BE PURCHASED FROM GOOD RECORDS FOR ENTRY TO EVENT) you will be entered to win an autographed Alice Cooper box set by Alice, 1st edition autographed book by Dennis & Alice, and a pink Snakes! Sack filled with collectible goodies.

For this event to go smooth and quickly we will have implemented a few steps to help facilitate that.  If you want Dennis to inscribe the book to you we will be writing your name legibly on a post it note so he spells it right for you.  Karlo X. Ramos will be taking photos and we will supply a download link post event so NO CELL PHONE PICTURES WITH THE GUYS.  Karlo's will be way better and you can share those on the interwebs.  After the q&a we will quickly form a line to begin the signing based on your Billion Dollar Bill ticket number and probably will have each aisle of the store designated for certain number range to make that happens quicker.  After you are done getting your stuff signed we will then form a line to get back in and have you go back to your aisle for the performance.  We will keep you lubricated with libations and H20 the whole evening.  There are a lot of moving parts so please be patient and all will be hunky dory.  We're all in this together after all. 

Lastly,  PLEASE spread the word about this happening as this is TRULY a once in a lifetime type event and we are honored to have 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, and Michael Bruce in our presence on our astroturf.  I want everybody who would enjoy this to hear about if they are in a 5 hour radius of Good Records. 

Remember The Coop,
Chris Penn esq.

Are You Entered To Win?
Have you gotten your copy of Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!? If not, maybe you might want to NOW. We are giving away a signed first edition of the book signed by Alice and Dennis, a cd box set of the Alice Cooper studio albums 1969-1983 signed by Alice, and a snakes! sack (pink tote, it's a girl bubble gum cigar, guitar pick, book birth certificate, pink panties, pencil, notepad, and a replica concert ticket). One lucky ticket holder will win! If you have already purchased you will be a part of this drawing!!!

Posters will be available for sale at the in-store.

Get your copy signed!

Black and pink shirts available to purchase.

After Party will be at the Midnight Rambler

Note: Areas in green are available for parking during the event.

Beer provided by Uplsope Brewing Company