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A Note from Tom Seay
We just returned home from a great ride with friends, both old and new, in Florida. Nearly 200 riders rode with us at the Spirit of Suwanee Music Park and Equestrian Campground in north Florida, where we began our first series of television shows. It brought back memories of the early years and great friends we rode with that are no longer with us. It gave me a deeper sense of appreciation for the limited time we have to enjoy life and those around us. 
We are just ordinary people that love riding with friends in extraordinary places. Being able to take people to these places has been overwhelming and such an honor for us. 
Some of those friends talked about our ride along the Rio Grande in the footsteps of so much history, others when we rode the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore, the Great Plains, the Pony Express Trail, Santa Fe Trail, Tombstone, Belize, and when we rode in America’s “last frontier”, Alaska and the Yukon. Over the years, it has become most important to remember who we rode with in these beautiful places. Some folks enjoyed the memories of camping and riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains with Pat and I where we started out as horseback outfitters many years ago. All of us riding together have accumulated over 298,036.40 miles. It was a great time to look back and to also look forward.
I wanted to share with you our plans to ride a portion of the famous Chisholm Trail in June. Although the final details are not yet finished, we will ride a week along the original trail in Kansas. Some days will be 6 or 7 miles and some 15, but it will be an easy ride that focuses on the history for an upcoming television show. Some of the towns will host events along the route. We will ride at a leisurely pace and have historians join us each day to talk about the history. I look forward to it as I reflect on our 3,000 mile Atlantic to Pacific ride and Mexico to Canada rides that were both every step of the way by horseback!  This ride will be as enjoyable to me as it will be along a very historic trail that played an important part in our history.  If you wish to join us, contact our office at 540-829-9555 and let us help you work out the details. The ride will be limited.
Also, many of you have asked about the scholarship fund. Personally, I do not admire many charities or funds that claim to do good works. My test is 100% of what is sent must go to the cause. We started this when our dear friend Robyn Yeager died from a tragic horse accident. So many people wanted to do something to honor her and help others, so we quietly accept donations to help others as Robyn would admire. This past year, monies went to help a young lady complete her college agriculture program, students in Belize where education is not free and has to be paid, unexpected medical bills for a lady when there was no insurance, and now we will help in every way we can with the Sheriff's Ranch for girls in Alabama. Robyn would be proud. Many people do not know she turned down a full scholarship to college to raise others than needed help.

The Sheriff ranches are an alternative home, other than social services, when there is nowhere to turn. Often young folks need this opportunity when, at no fault of their own, parents are arrested for drugs or other problems. Of all the kids I have met at the Florida Sheriff’s Boy’s Ranch and at the Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch in Alabama, Pat and I would welcome any of them to our home. These kids are most impressive and I admire them greatly. Therefore, we will return there in November to do a ride and TV show and I hope you will join us. 100% of the rider fee is paid directly to the ranch and we are not charging anything to make the show and ride. If you'd like to join us on that ride or simply donate funds to the Alabama Sheriff's Girls Ranch, please call their office at   256-896-4113. If you wish to support the scholarship fund, simply call our office and Lisa will handle everything for you. 
We have an opening at our home in Virginia for the cattle drives. I was raised on a dairy farm and riding horses and working cattle are a great enjoyment we like sharing with folks. Inviting you to our dining room table is also a delight to honor you with southern hospitality and include you as part of our family.
We are also honored this season to join guests to ride at the new RFD-TV The Ranch in New Mexico near Santa Fe. Pat and I actually rode right past the ranch on our Mexico to Canada ride. You can find all of the dates you can ride with us at The Ranch below. To set up your reservation in New Mexico, call them at 256-896-4113 f or more information on a top-of-the-line western ranch for the real deal.  
As you begin planning your new riding season, join us at our home in Virginia or anywhere across America from one end of the country to the other. We want you to consider riding with us and being part of our family.  As always, you can contact me directly at my personal e-mail, or call our office at 540-829-9555.

Tom Seay
Join Us at Events Across the Country
Equifest of Kansas
Topeka, KS - February 22-24

Show host Tom Seay is a premier presenter at the fest, now in its 22nd year! Stop by the booth to say "Hi!" to Tom Seay and producer Pat Seay.

Horse World Expo
Harrisburg, PA - February 28-March 3

Come to the 17th annual Horse World Expo and find the Best of America by Horseback booth where you can meet show host Tom Seay and producer Pat Seay.

Broxton Bridge Plantation
Erhardt, SC - March 8-10

Tom Seay heads to a historic plantation in southeastern South Carolina! This 7,000 acre plantation has over 80 miles of riding trails and has been in the same family since the mid 1700s.

Northwest Horse Fair and Expo
Albany, OR - March 22-24

Swing by the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo to listen to a presentation by host Tom Seay! This three day event features breed demonstrations, talks from renowned clinicians, and is now in its 20th year.

Previously owned by radio personality Don Imus and his family, the RFD-TV The Ranch sprawls across over 3,000 acres and is the perfect southwestern getaway. Amenities include trails for horseback riding and walking sport shooting, bass fishing, outdoor games, and a crystal blue pool for cooling off after a long day in the New Mexico sun. There is also a large, family style gathering area in the Hacienda as well as a game room and library.

The Ranch has rodeo arenas and beautifully maintained equine facilities for your own horses, but you can also choose to ride one of the ranch's own horses along the trails. Part of the National Historic Santa Fe Trail runs right through the property.

Overnight accommodations can be made in their Old West Town, pictured above, or you can spring for a luxurious stay in their gorgeous adobe Hacienda.

Finding the right time to book your ideal stay at RFD-TV The Ranch is easier than ever with several Best of America by Horseback dates in New Mexico available this year. Choose your stay below!

May 18-21
May 23-26
July 20-23
July 25-28
Sept 28-Oct 1
Oct 3-6
Oct 9-12
Reservations should be made with
RFD-TV The Ranch directly.
To book accommodations, simply call or visit
Bring your horse to Tom & Pat Seay's farm in Culpeper, VA to work and drive cattle-- no experience necessary! Enjoy southern style, home-cooked meals. Stall and electric hook-ups are available. Spaces are limited.

September 13-14
October 18-19** (Daniel Boone Days)
November 1-2

Call 540-829-9555 to reserve your spot today!
Visit Tom & Pat Seay's home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Andora Farm, to brush up your driving skills! Tom Seay will help you learn or sharpen your skills driving a larger rig, backing up and parking, attaching and unhooking the rig, safety practices, and travel tips! Class sizes are small, so spaces are very limited.

April 7, 2019
April 21, 2019
May 5, 2019
November 3, 2019

Call Lisa in our office at 540-829-9555 to reserve your spot today!
Tom & Pat Seay have been hosting team penning events for over 20 years. Riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome to participate, or you can bring your friends and family to watch our riders try for the fastest time! Practice is held every Friday night at Andora Farm, April through October (weather permitting).

Call 540-829-9555 for more information.
Host T om Seay will lead riders on a portion of the historic Chisholm Trail over several days, visiting the towns that played a key role along the trail. The towns are planning events for the riders. Riders will even have a chance to drive cattle along a portion of the route! Tom will be joined by singer/songwriter Del Shields and the Best of America by Horseback staff. 

The ride will include a "kick off" banquet in Caldwell, primitive camping along the route, and an arrival banquet in Wichita. Join Tom & the BOABH crew as they film this four episode series in Kansas from June 3-8, 2019!

Don't delay- dial 540-829-9555 to reserve your space on the trail

A pr 12-13:   Equine Affaire - OH

May 18-21:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

May 23-26:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

*Less than 20 primitive campsites remain!*

Jul 20-23:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

Jul 25-28:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

Aug 2-4: Back Country Horsemen Ride - ND

Sept 28-Oct 1:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

Oct 3-6:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

Oct 9-12:   RFD- TV The Ranch - NM

Just Added!

Nov 14th-16th: S henandoah Valley Equine Expo- VA

Apr 5-6:   Cattle Drive Weekend
A  pr 7: Truck & Trailer Driving Clinic  
Apr 19-20:   Cattle Drive Weekend
A  pr 21: Truck & Trailer Driving Clinic  

May 5: Truck & Trailer Driving Clinic  
May 31-Jun 1:  Cattle Drive Weekend

June 14-15:  Cattle Drive Weekend
June 28:   Team Penning Practice

Sept 13-14:   Cattle Drive Weekend

Nov 1-2:   Cattle Drive Weekend
Nov 3: Truck & Trailer Driving Clinic  
The Wildest Trail Rides of 2018
The National Dude Ranch Association (DRA) has over 10,000 trail rides throughout the Western United States and Canada. Travel across National Forest, BLM, private acreage and hundreds of miles of waterways that traverse high and low altitude, valley and mountain, desert and coast, with the wranglers of the DRA. However, of all these options, which is truly the wildest in 2018?

Border Ride
Rancho de la Osa , Sasbe, Arizona

It’s both scenery and the current political state of the country that makes this trail ride at the remarkable ranch, quite possibly, the wildest ride in the West! Rancho de la Osa houses Arizona’s oldest continually used building, constructed in an Indian village around 1720 by Jesuit missionaries.

In 1812, the ranch was part of the Ortiz Brothers Spanish land grant and with Mexican independence from Spain, the ranch became part of Mexico. In 1916, Pancho Villa raided and attempted to take Rancho de la Osa and a cannon ball from the attack was found embedded in the adobe wall of the Hacienda, which is on display today.

Celebrating 15 Years of Service
Meet Lisa, Our Office Manager
Our Best of America by Horseback Family is a busy one and our office manager Lisa Releford is a big piece of what holds it all together.

Lisa has been with Tom and Pat at BOABH since 2004. If you have ever called our Culpeper office to ask a question or schedule a ride, chances are you've spoken to Lisa. She handles much of our scheduling and billing, manages the kitchen during Andora Farm's cattle drive weekends when home cooked meals are rolled out all day long, and keeps everything running smoothly while Tom and Pat are out filming on location.

A mother of two grown boys and grandmother of one very cute grandson, Lisa is one of those rare people who can make you feel comfortable and as if you've known her for ages in just a few short minutes. She is kind and caring and we are so grateful for all she does, every single day. This month marks 15 full years with the Best of America Family. Congratulations, Lisa!
by Carole Herder

Animals left in vehicles, chained outdoors or just forgotten about to wander the streets or countryside are freezing to death at alarming rates. Unprecedented cold weather is wreaking havoc across the continent and our animals are paying a price. Some of our pets and livestock can and do adapt, but many do not. It is up to us to have this understanding. A Siberian tiger may easily adapt to survive, having come from colder climates like Russia and Mongolia, but most animals require an option. They may prefer the outdoors, but it is our duty to give them the choice, to provide safe options and monitor their progress, especially during the night. Our dogs, cats, birds and other friends aren't the only animals in need of special care during extreme weather. Horses and other livestock require consideration, too.

Doctor, Doctor
Especially important for animals that are pregnant, as well as very young or very old animals, veterinarian visits should be regular as some may require special attention. Diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or hormonal imbalances (such as Cushing's disease) present a harder time regulating body temperature.

Give me Shelter
Cold temperatures are usually tolerable, but wind, rain, or snow require more calories to maintain body heat. Be sure you offer your animals access away from the elements, especially the wind. Blankets can help protect horses, but a structural shelter with proper ventilation and dry bedding is the best method of protection. If you do blanket your horses, be sure to check underneath often for signs of injury, infection, or malnutrition. And if you do start blanketing, you must continue until the weather subsides. You should also have a spare, because wet blankets are worse than none. You’ll want to monitor this and keep your horse dry. Your Cavallo Hoof Boots are an absolute necessity, not only to protect your horse’s feet, but to prevent ice balling and to increase traction on ice and wet ground.
Put me to Bed
Horses hooves thrive on a nice flat surface, with minimal bedding in the stall to provide a counter effect for the all-important hoof mechanism, but when its very cold and your horse is staying inside the bedding should be thick, dry and changed regularly to provide a warm, dry environment. The door to the shelter should be positioned away from prevailing winds. Do not use space heaters or heat lamps unless you are very diligent in your monitoring. Fires can still burn out of control in cold weather. Frostbite is hard to detect and may not be noticed until after the damage is done. If you suspect your pet has hypothermia or frostbite, consult your veterinarian immediately. Keep driveways clear of ice, snow and mud to allow easy access for veterinarians and hoof care practitioners. Mud management issues in the winter require proper preparation, whether that's through use of material like gravel, sand, or woodchips - and whatever you decide to use, protect those hoofs with your Cavallo Hoof Boots.
Your horses need enough calories to heat themselves. This often requires an increase in the amount and quality of feed. Now, I am not saying to fatten them up like a cow for the market, as excessive weight has its fair share of problems, too. Just make sure they have enough to keep warm. A little left over is better than going hungry in cold weather.

It is crucial to provide fresh and unfrozen water. Tank heaters or heated buckets can help keep water at an appropriate temperature. Your horse will not consume enough water if it is near freezing. ​

Dark out Here
Winter weather also brings the risks of severe cold weather, blizzards and power outages. Prepare a disaster/emergency kit and include your horses in your plans. Have enough food, water and medicine on hand to get through at least 4 days.
Getting Warm
It may seem counterintuitive, but more snowfall during winter storms is another aspect of climate change. Our warmer planet is evaporating more water into the atmosphere, which means more precipitation in the form of heavy snowfall and intense rain. As we continue to pump carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the eco-balance is being disrupted. During warmer months, this is now causing record-breaking floods. But during the winter – when our part of the world is tipped away from the sun – temperatures drop, and instead of downpours we can get massive winter storms. Some say this is not true, but their reason and motive for ignorance is usually self-serving and transparent.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) , the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1997. And the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration (NOAA) reports that recent decades have been the warmest since at least around 1000 AD, and that the warming we’ve seen since the late 19th century is unprecedented over the last 1,000 years. In the 2018 Global Risks Report , three of the top five risks ranked by likely outcome were environmental ones, while four of the top five ranked by impact were the same. Extreme weather was the biggest concern among the 1,000 members the World Economic Forum surveyed for the report, followed by a failure to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

Meanwhile in the Outback
Alternatively, an extreme heatwave in Australia has led to the deaths of more than 90 wild horses in the outback. Wardens found dead and dying animals in a dried-up waterhole near Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, last week. About 40 of the animals had already died from dehydration and starvation. Surviving horses were later culled. The record-breaking heat hit temperatures of 49.5C (that’s 121.1F). Making things even worse, emergency services in more than 13 districts are on alert for fear of possible bushfires. This devastation never ends well for wild animals.

Taking care of our companions is not only a responsibility, but a privilege. This honour can be enjoyed for years to come and through all the changes our climate fluctuations may deliver. It requires a little planning, foresight, perhaps a touch of creativity and a good helping of courage. The reward of love and friendship is always worth it.  

The Liz Malcolm Award
The Mike Phillips Award
The Aileen Livingston Award
The Liz Malcolm Award is given to someone in the horse world that helps others with compassion and dedication. Liz and her sister, Kathy Baldwin, rode with us on the famous Mexico to Canada Trail Ride. Both of these ladies are extraordinary in so many ways and have done so much for so many people. Liz & Kathy devoted their lives to nursing, and Kathy organized a medical mission to the children in Belize. Their love of training and riding Tennessee Walking Horses is well known. Liz passed away several years ago and we felt, like so many of you, that she and Kathy were truly part of everyone's family. We feel when we announce the winner this year, everyone will say, "Well yes, of course! Liz would be proud."
The Mike Phillips Award is given to modern-day trailblazers. Mike was a trail boss and close friend on the Mexico to Canada Ride. Mike needed heart surgery but rode from old Mexico with us along the Rio Grande and continued every inch for over 1,000 miles until he had to go have his surgery. A friend without boundaries to me and so many others, he never stopped wanting to care for all around him and to help people in any way. He and his devoted wife, Wanda, spent many years with us traveling until he passed away several years ago. He helped Back Country Horsemen, worked the trails, and his love of horses and trail riding was endless. He overcame health issues to help all of us. This year's award will go to someone that Mike would have loved to spend countless hours with. The person we will name has done so much for all of us, and you will enjoy learning about that person.
The Aileen Livingston Award is to honor one of the finest people we have ever known. We had the pleasure years ago to meet John Wayne and to spend a day with Roy Rogers, but it is Aileen Livingston that I tell people is my most inspiring hero. Her love of horses and trail riding is inspiring, and her compassion for life and those around her, even in the face of health issues, has no boundaries. Despite a dozen reasons not to go, she rode across the country with us, hopping and skipping from place to place, all the way to California. Aileen is alive and well and will enjoy finding out who will be honored in her name. I suspect they wlll converse on the phone a bit when we announce who this will be.
To read about this year's winners, visit

Submit your nominations for the Annual
Best of America by Horseback Awards

Please include the nominee's name and the reason you think they should receive one of the three awards, including their services to their community &/or the horse world.
Best of America by Horseback is Proudly Sponsored by
Tony & Gwen Roberts
North Carolina

Tony & Gwen Roberts have a passion for helping others to better understand their horses. They started Triangle Horsemanship to fill what they saw as a huge need in the equine industry for quality education on how to better understand and communicate with horses. As they traveled around participating in different events they realized that all of the behavioral problems they saw people having with their horses were easily preventable if people just better understood how horses think. According to Tony, “The problem isn’t the horse. It’s the human. Most people just ride and never take the time to learn how to SPEAK HORSE.”

“Our focus in Triangle Horsemanship is to educate people on how to better understand their horses. Once people learn how to properly communicate with their horses the magic in the relationship begins to happen. That’s why our logo has a horse & human in opposite corners at the bottom of the triangle and has them together at the top and our slogan reads ‘Bringing horses and humans closer together’.”

If you would like to take your horsemanship to the next level - learn to SPEAK HORSE, learn how to solve issues with your horse yourself, save all that money you are spending on “Trainers” - visit their website to sign up for a free 14 day trial membership of their member site to see if they have the answers you need. With over 200 videos on the site and more being added weekly they will probably have what you are looking to accomplish with your horse.

After growing up with a mother with Multiple Sclerosis along with a lifetime of experience with horses, Gwen Roberts decided to use her experience and love of horses to help those with special needs. Gwen founded Horses for Hope with the help of her best riding buddy Dawn in 2003 and it has grown ever since to having more than 250 special needs families on their waiting list.

Horses for Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who serves many folks with disabilities giving therapeutic riding lessons tailored to their abilities and needs. HfH also gives standard riding lessons including english, jumping, barrel racing, and trail riding. One of HfH’s future plans is to serve veterans with horsemanship classes, riding lessons, and equine psychotherapy. There are so many ways you can help people using horses and as God opens those doors for Horses for Hope many lives will be changed!

Horses for Hope will be holding a trail ride fundraiser at Whinny Works in Wagram, NC April 26-28, 2019. Free primitive camping, stalls are limited, miles and miles of sandy trails so no need to shoe your horses for this ride. There will also be obstacle course competitions, free mini clinics, Saturday evening dinner, entertainment, and more as well as cowboy church Sunday morning. Contact , or visit our web site on the events page for more information about this trail ride event.

For more information about Triangle Horsemanship or Horses for Hope, please visit their websites:
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Send in your favorite trail riding memory riding with Tom Seay and the Best of America by Horseback family, or regale us with an adventure you took all on your own.

Please include:
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Cindy & Dave Evans
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