Club President   

By: Joe Dotterer - Club President

Nothing to report.

Joe Dotterer
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Club Vice President

By: Pete Whitworth - Club Vice President

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Pete Whitworth
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Club Secretary

By: Amanda Duchardt - Club Secretary

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Amanda Duchardt

By: Louie Lopez - ob.treasurer@outlook.com

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Louie Lopez
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Range Captain
By: Chriss Bowles - Club Range Captain
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Chriss Bowles
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Hunt Chairman

By: Jose Lara - Club Hunt Chairman  

Nothing to Report.

Bill Leal 
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Range Secretary

By: Mark Houston - Club Range Secretary

Bowfishing with Jim "Carp Killer " Teal

Hi Oranco Bowman 

I hope everyone's well and doing fine through these hot dog days of summer. Hunting season is in full swing and many of us are making final preparations for our draw hunts, good luck to you all!

Last Wednesday I had opportunity to do some bow fishing with Jim Teal up at Big Bear Lake. It looked to be a great day with intermittent cloud cover and temps in the mid 70's. 

Jim launched his boat the Carp Killer at 6:30am on the other side of the lake near the Observatory and did a little bow fishing on the way to pick me up at 8:30am at the marina near the Municipal Water District building. I jumped in and off we went! 

I'm shooting my first compound finger bow a Martin Lynx Magnum I bought from Price Club in the 80's, converted for bow fishing with AMS bottle retriever, roller rest and carbon fishing arrow. It had been awhile since I'd had used it, and admittedly with very little success fishing the shoreline at Big Bear Lake. I had high hopes to change all that, Jim being a seasoned and highly experienced bow archer had already shot 3 or 4 nice carp on the way to pick me up. We trolled through the marina searching the empty slips for the slightest signs of carp activity, because the water had a solid green surface build-up of algae making it impossible to see the carp under water. Rounding the end of a dock I spotted movement and took my first shot... and came up short! I'm using round neoprene pads called string-things on my bowstring, with the short ATA it's causing tremendous finger pinch ouch.... Note to self - put on D-loop and use release! Then I came up short on the next few shots, and it dawned on me that I practiced with a dry string a wet string is heavier... Duh...

Well about that time Jim spotted movement in the corner of a slip and took his shot and connected! Instantly there was a huge tail splash as Jim reeled in the slack and started to hard-line the fish. I could feel the fish pulling the boat toward him as fought to pull the big carp to the boat, this was going to be a whopper and it was!
In fact probably one of the largest carp he'd shot! I was impressed to say the least! 

We spent a little more time in the marina then decided to hit another spot out in the lake .
We motored into a large cove with the water still covered with algae and patches of lake grass, Jim cut the outboard and used the trolling motor, my anticipation was peaked! We could hear suckling sounds all around us. Jim cut the motor and told me to be ready, we could see movement all around us and I drew back there was steady movement 15yds out and I sighted in on it and released... In a flash the water erupted as big carp jumped out out of the water and we could see the arrow shaft through it! Jim yelled, "You hit that one!" A flush of excitement went through me as I reeled in the slack and felt the weight of the big fish as hand-lined it in. I had finally arrowed a big one and would have that toad in the net, in the boat snapping pics of me holding it up with a big silly grin on my face!!! 😁 YA MAN!!! That's when I snapped out of my daydream and realized "THE LINE HAD GONE SLACK"... "OH THE HUMANITY " The fishing arrow head had pulled right through the carp! Barbs and all! My spirits plunged about as deep as that fish to the bottom of Big Bear Lake.

Meanwhile "CARP KILLER" Jim was filling up the big blue fish trash can in the boat!
Well after the appropriate amount of crying I 'bucked up' and got back on my bow! I sure wasn't gonna let these laughing water dogs skunk me! I spotted movement about 20yds out in a patch of lake grass, drew down on it, gave it a good lead and LET IT RIP. BAM!!! Nailed it with a long shot! I heard Jim say, "Look at you!" Again I reel in the slack and start hand-lining, Jim says to take it easy, I do but it gets heavier and heavier and I pull up a huge-! Lake grass no carp! 😫 Is this to be my lot in life.

Jim's still whacking carp left and right, big ones, small ones, he can't miss... They seem to be jumping out of the water and into the fish can for him! I'd better hurry up and get one before there's no room left in the boat.

Depressed at best, I pull all the grass off my arrow and untangle and reel in my line, Jim gives me one of his fishing arrows with a collapsible 3 prong head on it, there not gonna pull off this baby! I load n' nock the arrow. Looking out over the water at 13-15yds a dorsal and tail fin surface and starts swimming from right to left From bow to stern, I draw, lead and release...we both watch the arrow strike front center! Perfect hit, he's a big-boy! I hold my breath for what seems like an eternity while I reel in the slack and start hand-lining, Jim grabs the net, the badass flights to keep from going in the net but finally push him in with the arrow. Jim hauls him out of the water flipping around and thrashing in the net he takes the club and beats it's head till it stops moving.

I take a deep breath before l pass out!!!

What seemed like "Mission Impossible" is now finally "Mission Accomplished" Its harder than it looks folks! But I do manage to shoot another one and get it in before days end!
As you can see the pressure of Bowfishing Carp has turned me a dwarf with carp legs!

But if you haven't tried it and your heart can take it, get out on a lake with a fishing bow it's a real kick in the ass,
and a lot of fun too!

I would especially like to thank Jim Teal for inviting me to spend the day Bowfishing out at Big Bear Lake on his boat the "Carp Killer", you my friend are an expert bow fisherman and a fine archer!

Thanks for a lot of fun and a great experience!!!
Mark Houston
(760) 605-1155
Tournament Chairman

By: Chris Stout. - Tournament Chairman

Nothing to report.

Chris Stout
(909) 730-0045
Membership Chairmen 
By: Roland Fraterrigo- Club Membership

Fellow archers, this is your new membership chairman Roland. As you know, annual renewals were in full swing the past two months. Currently, Oranco has 408 members and an additional 70 prospective members working on their tasks to become a full fledged member. It is an Oranco club requirement that all members join either CBH/SAA and/or NFAA and this membership kept current. Some members have had the issuance of their card and gate code delayed for this. I have and will be sending reminder notices to all members when their renewal memberships in these organizations is due, and to send me a photocopy of their card. CBH mails a card and you have to wait for them to get it to you. NFAA will only issue a card if you pay an additional $1, or, you can download the NFAA card off their website after you have renewed. Copies of a receipt are not acceptable.

At the June banquet, longevity awards were given to those members who have been a member of the club for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years! Since the banquet was unable to be held the past two years, many club members were eligible for one of these. I recently sent out a list of names of those who are eligible for one of these awards. If did not attend, you can still receive your award. Come in on Sunday to the clubhouse during public hours (8:30 – 2pm) and you can pick it up.

Roland Fraterrigo
League Chairman

By: Al Wiscovitch - League Chairman

Well, we just finished our summer 3-D league and I must say that it was nice to have so many club members take part in our 3-D league. I would like to take a moment to thank Brad, Mark and everyone that helped put this league together and make it so much fun. I hope that all of you guy’s had fun and enjoyed the set ups that we had over the five weeks of shooting. It can be very challenging putting out 3-D’s every week. With all the different levels of shooters our goal is to always give everyone a chance to shoot with confidence and learn about shooting 3-D’s.

Other news to share, as most of you may know we have been working to Install sinks at our porta potties so members and our guest can wash their hands. Mark Houston has been out there during the day with a jackhammer opening up some tranches so that we can get the water lines in. Again this had become a club afford with the help of Jose Lara, Rojen Besha we even had Rich Diuguid drop by one morning to help out with some of the trenching and myself as well.

My point is that great clubs just don’t happen, it takes many to come together to make a great club. As our past and present membership has done and will continue to do so. These projects will keep Oranco on top of the archery community and our membership strong. I believe that most of you believe this as well. Just the other day one of our members brought his mother-in-law over to show her our ranges. Wow mother in-law now that says a lot to me..

Till next league, good shooting and be safe. PS. Wednesday evening will be our next league moving forward.

Oranco Winter 3-D League

We are less then a-month away from the start of our spring club 3-D league this will run five weeks from November 13st to December 18st with a one week brake December 11th . If there is a rain out we will take the next available date on the calendar.

This league will follow NFAA rules and age categories as a guide. Cost will be ten dollars per shoot per week

· Start time 8:30 am. each week with a short briefing before start time
· Minimum 3-shooters per squad no more then 4-shooters per squad
· Please no congregating during our shoot, keep a safe distance (We are asking everyone to please follow our range Covid rules)
· Each week will be 2-arrows per target 12-targets
· Each week will consist of 3-D big animals, small animals and mix of big and small animals
· Tough man 2-shooters per squad will be returning by poplar demand
· We will be using mountain range, valley range, tree stand and creek
· There will be a 110 yard bonus shot 1-Arrow each week
· 3-D targets to be set up day before shoot/range closed once we set it up

There will be trophies awards to each category on final week 1st 2nd and 3rd will be given to each winner (This will be based on total score and must finish 4 of the 5-weeks to be considered for awards)

Any questions please email me or call.

Thanks, hope to see you all out there shooting

There will be emails as we get closer to the star date as a reminder.

Al Wiscovitch Email alwisco@msn.com or Call Cell 909 322-3869

Al Wiscovitch
(909) 322-3869
Two Year Board Member

By: Bill Waltz - Two Year Board Member

Nothing to report.

Bill Waltz
Oranco Bowmen Archery Range

Occupying about 45 acres, Oranco Bowmen Archery Club is a NFAA certified 5-star range. This is the highest certification given by NFAA. We are the only range in Southern California with practice butts from 10-80 yards in 5-yard increments. If you need a place to "dial in" your bow, this is it! 

Oranco also has two NFAA roving courses: Our Valley Course is a level 28-target course, consisting of 14 animal and 14 hunter paper targets. For those who desire a bit more of a physical challenge, our Mountain Course is a hilly 28-target course offering 14 Field targets and another set of 14 animal paper targets. The Layout changes occasionally.
Oranco Bowmen Archery Club - Range Map 
Oranco is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

Please remember to lock your vehicles when you are not present and always take your equipment home with you. We have received reports about stolen equipment, and want everyone to understand that you alone are responsible for your belongings. We advise you to put your identification information on your belongings and try not to leave anything unattended.

Remember: We are open to the public on Sundays and during shoots. During these events it is much more difficult to track who is on range property, especially if people do not sign in at the office.

Be safe and responsible everyone.

Range Beautification Party: We would greatly appreciate your help and support to the upcoming Work Parties. Keep an eye out for the email blast. All Club Members and their families are invited. Per Joe Dotterer, Club President there will be an “ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH” served for ALL of our Volunteers who come out and help.

Your assistance ensures that the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club remains the best in Southern California. There is a reason why people travel from all over California to shoot at our Archery Club. Get involved and help us out.  
Cook Shack Workers Needed: Positions are still available for volunteers to help out during the upcoming shoots. Tony Tobinis back and will be taking over Cook Shack Assignments effective immediately. Terry Lopez will no longer be accepting calls for Cook Shack volunteers.

Please contact Tony Tobin in order to reserve your spot at: Cell# (626) 354-2268. Due to poor cell service in his area please contact him via TEXT message to assure he can receive your information. First Come, First Served.  

Target Camping: This is NOT Allowed...Period. Your Membership will be terminated for doing this! The Practice Butts are for sighting in, improving your archery skills, and honing your accuracy. The Roving Range is just that, Roving. Shoot 4 arrows, Score them, then move on to the next target. 

You have been warned. Don't do it. It is not worth it. 

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How Many Arrows Should You Shoot a Day to Prep for Deer Season?

My heart leapt into my throat when the Kansas monarch crested the horizon, his massive frame silhouetted against the overcast backdrop. I minimized the initial shock by talking myself through the encounter.

Mission Statement:
My Goal as Newsletter Editor is to help Members stay informed with the Operations and Activities that are going on in and around the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club. Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Check out our Club Website: Oranco Bowmen Archery Club Website