August 2022

Dear Erin,

August at Bolsa Chica is hot and dry. Especially when the rain was more or less missing this past winter. That's why it is so important for the Bolsa Chica Stewards to go out and water the young native plants planted this season. Once native plants are established, they don't need supplemental water, but these plants are too new and need the extra help to get through the hot and dry summer months.  Learn how you can help out below. Also, keep an eye out on your mailbox, the special 30th anniversary Music from the Mesa Newsletter will hit mailboxes at the beginning of August!  It will be online at our website under newsletters too.  Full of great articles and new surprises there's something in it for everyone.

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Car Break-ins Letter from Reserve Manager

Melissa Borde, the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve Manager, recently released a letter regarding the car break-ins at Bolsa Chica.  CDFW’s Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve Manager is diligently working to find ways to stop and prevent these crimes. This is a highlight from the letter, to read the full letter, click on the button below.


  • Call 911 if you witness an active break-in
  • Contact HBPD at 714-960-8811 if you have previously been victim to a car break-in at BCER. If you are a victim of this crime in the future at BCER, please call 714-960-8811 and remain on-site so the police department can collect any evidence if possible.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Remember to lock your vehicle.
  • Do not leave belongings (purse/wallet, computer, books, equipment, etc.) unattended.
Read the Full Letter
planting day october 2011

Summer Volunteering with the Stewards

Even though it is the summertime the Bolsa Chica Stewards are still out there twice a month holding Community-based Habitat Restoration Volunteer events!  These events are usually smaller in size, and the focus is on watering the newly planted plants and weeding out the water hogging invasive plants. If you want to join a smaller group of passionate folks in a more relaxed warm atmosphere, summer volunteering is for you!  

We also continue to tend the native plant nursery called the Growing Space which runs on volunteer power during the week.  

Interested in volunteering? Email or click on the button below.

Learn More about Volunteering
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Blog Post: Mammals of Bolsa Chica

By far the most visitors to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve (BCER) are here to see birds. It’s a world class birding site and well deserves its worldwide reputation. But the dry land parts of the Reserve are also home to mammal species characteristic of our region and essential to its ecology.

What do mice, gophers, and ground squirrels have to do with the birds people come to watch? Well, they are what supports our many raptors, including some that most people don’t associate with rodents! If you could ask one of our stately, graceful, herons or egrets what they think of rodents, their response would probably be “Yummy!” The kites, harriers, falcons, hawks, and owls would certainly agree. And those same rodents also support the WILDEST residents of BCER, our snakes and coyotes!

Continue Reading About the Mammals of Bolsa Chica


stewards watering

BCLT Stewards Habitat Restoration Volunteering



Sunday Aug. 7th, 9am-12

Saturday Aug. 20th, 9am-12

Pre-registration and sign up on our website is required. Capped at 40 volunteers for each event.

Email Beverley at for more details

docent teaching children

Miracles of the Marsh Docent Volunteering


Contact the office for more information or 714-846-1001

tour on footbridge

BCLT Outreach and Free Public Tour



Sunday Aug. 14th, 10am-12

Sunday Aug. 21st, 10am- 12

Contact the office for more information or 714-846-1001

Beach Clean Ups

Concluded until Nov.


When: Every Monday at 8:30am from November to March


Where: 20th Street entrance to Huntington City Beach


Who: Everyone! Most of the supplies are provided, but if you want, please bring a reusable bucket or bag, and gloves.  


How: Please email Mike at to volunteer.  


*If you have a group that you want to bring, please email and we can work to accommodate your group.*

House wren by John Hannon

Aug. Bird of the Month: House Wren

Noted for its beautiful, bubbling, and very loud song of varied flute-like melodies with rattles and descending trills, this small, grayish-brown bird is rarely seen because it prefers dense brush. The male starts several nests during courtship. The female gets to select one to finish for nesting. When excited or threatened the wren makes a harsh scold and cocks its tail upwards, making it easier to see.

4.75” long; 6” wingspan; 0.39 oz.

photo: John Hannon

Reminders When You Visit Bolsa Chica

Here are some things to remember during your visit:

  • Please stay on the trails. Not only could you disturb nesting birds, but snakes are often not far off the trails.
  • Enjoy the flowers, but please do not pick them.
  • Do not feed the animals.
  • Do not litter. Please pack out your trash, including food scraps.
  • No bikes.
  • No dogs.
  • No drones.
  • Enjoy being with nature!
  • If you see any BCLT Stewards working along the trail, say hi! We are happy to answer any questions.

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Photo Credits:

banner- Steve Smith, sunset- unknown, volunteers- unknown, coyote family-Ivan Turpin, sand dune trail- E. Chin, Stewards- James Huang, Miracle docent with kids, Elegant Terns on beach- Marinka Horack, House Wren- John Hannon