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March 24, 2023

Dear Senator Hutson, Representative Renner and Representative Stevenson:

The St. Johns County Civic Roundtable is alarmed regarding the large number of pre-emption of local government bills pending in this session. The breadth and scope of these measures are disturbing from the micromanagement of local governments to more unfunded mandates which means higher taxes for citizens. 

Not so long ago, home rule was much appreciated in Florida and is even included in our constitution. In an about face, the legislature is weakening local government control and interfering with citizen's democracy. 

Local leaders know what their residents want and need and what is best for neighborhoods — not Tallahassee. Furthermore, how can the legislature dictate new unfunded mandates on the one hand and then limit local government from increases in homestead and property taxes?
Before you consider voting on these preemption bills, we hope you will think about how well the St. Johns County Commission governs our citizens and responds to their needs. We hope you will also think about how these proposed bills would usurp our individual rights and interfere with local democracy. 

Below is a list of preemption bills we oppose: SB 170; HB 41 and SB 856; HB 359 and SB 540; HB 469 and SB 120; HB 833 and SB 714; HB 671 and SB 682; HB 383 and SB 346; HB 439; HB 405; HB 37 and SB 774; HB 975 and SB 798; HB 729 and SB 696. 

Lisa McGylnn

cc: St. Johns County Commissioners

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