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The free Shadelands/BART shuttle is one of the most recognizable amenities of the Shadelands business and lifestyle center.

While ridership is down as a result of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, the branded #7 County Connection bus continues to operate and transport people in and around Shadelands and between Shadelands and the Pleasant Hill BART station.
In response to the health crisis, County Connection partnered with other transportation agencies in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area to develop common commitments and expectations for drivers and passengers, resulting in the comprehensive and accessible Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan.

Based on the plan, efforts have been in place on all County Connection buses since last summer to keep drivers and riders safe and healthy and to continue to operate on a timely basis.
Buses are deep cleaned and fogged daily. Plexiglass protectors were installed around the driver’s seat to reduce interaction between drivers and passengers. Rear boarding is now an option, in addition to front boarding, to further reduce interaction between drivers and passengers.

Ventilation systems have been upgraded and filtration systems have been installed for greater, cleaner air flow. Masks are required for all riders, and are provided to riders who don’t have them available.

While the #7 route remains the same, the schedule has changed slightly, according to Ruby Horta, Director of Planning, Marketing & Innovation, County Connection.
Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy
"Pre-COVID, we operated between Shadelands and Pleasant Hill BART at 15-minute intervals. Now we’re at 20-minute frequencies to allow all buses to return to the yard when there is driver turnover,” says Ruby. “Each bus is deep cleaned before it goes back out, so we don’t have more than one driver driving a bus before it is cleaned. This takes more time and is more costly, but this is safer for our drivers and passengers, and that’s our focus.”
Visit Shadelands/BART shuttle for the updated #7 bus schedule.
For the third consecutive year, Del Monte Foods, Inc., is a winner of the Product of the Year awards, winning honors for its new Del Monte Deluxe Gold Pineapple in the Fruit category and Del Monte Veggieful Pocket Pies in the Convenience Meal category.

The 2021 wins build on past recognition for Del Monte's Veggie Bowls, Fruit Crunch Parfait, and Pizzettas (2020), Fruit & Oats (2019), and Fruit Refreshers (2017).

"Despite the challenges of the past year, it’s so rewarding to have our team’s hard work recognized by the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation," says Chief Marketing Officer Bibie Wu.

"We pivoted our entire innovation process remotely and didn’t miss a beat—this recognition is a testament to our team’s persistence and great work."

Read the full announcement here.
205 N. Wiget Lane
Walnut Creek
Congratulations Del Monte Foods!
The Shadelands SportsMall is home to ten youth athletic organizations, anchored by the esteemed COPA Soccer Training Center. Inside the walls of the training center are a number of sports performance programs, including the high-tech, world-class SpeedLab, an athletic development program designed to teach and enhance speed, strength, and agility skills.

“COPA’s ambition for the entire facility is to create the most engaging environment possible for teaching athletic skills; technical skills that relate to soccer; and cognitive skills, such as reaction time and peripheral awareness—skills that relate to all youth athletes in all sports,” says SpeedLab Director Barry McCabe.

“We incorporate technology in everything we do to understand how effective our training interventions are and to objectively assess how athletes are responding to those interventions, whether they’re children and youth, or adults and professional athletes.

"The data we collect allows us to be more precise in our assessments of young athletes' abilities and potential, and to help them develop good habits, improved movement mechanics, and elevated sports performance,” says Barry, who played soccer professionally for five years in Europe before turning his attention to exercise science—how the body moves, reacts, and performs in athletic situations.

The SpeedLab makes use of four distinctive spaces. In the large fitness area, athletes work on motor skills. For instance, through the use of a laboratory level assessment tool called a force plate, coaches can assess the force produced by individuals when they jump and land.

"Sports play is chaotic—it’s stimulus based and requires agility, which is the most difficult skill to teach because it involves the brain," says Barry. "Agility is not just change in direction; agility is making movement decisions based on the stimulus provided."

The Speed Court uses games to train in movement decisions and reaction times based on what’s being presented to the athlete, replicating real-life situations in sports play.
The Speed Track records how fast an athlete sprints 30 yards; splits are timed in distances of 2.5, 5, 10, 20, and 30 yards.
“We’re not just getting a whole number, we’re getting how long it takes to build to 10 yards, 20 yards, and 30 yards. Over time, we want to see those numbers trend positively."

The treadmills use high-speed video analysis to demonstrate how a person moves, allowing coaches to break down frame-by-frame how a runner is interacting with the ground and the environment to teach and reteach running by mechanics.

“Every athlete can benefit from supplemental development whether it’s learning how to run, how to jump, how to land, how to sprint, how to get stronger—and challenging the brain to be responsive in the effort," says Barry. "All these skills are applicable to all sports because they’re all applicable to life and living a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. We best serve our young athletes when we teach them that physical and cognitive development is just as important as technical skills development.”

While the SpeedLab is youth focused for now, it will open to adults when the facility is allowed to do so.

Visit SpeedLab for more information and very cool videos of the SpeedLab in action.
Shadelands SportsMall
2640 Shadelands Drive
Walnut Creek
New to Muir Orthopaedic Specialists (MOS), Dr. Kevin Roth has been a practicing orthopaedic surgeon since 2013. A specialist in sports medicine, Dr. Roth treats acute traumatic sports injuries and other ailments that come from years of playing sports, such as stress fractures and tendon and ligament injuries. “Injuries that happen to active people,” as he phrases it.

In his practice, Dr Roth primarily treats shoulder, hip, and knee injuries through surgical, non-surgical, and biologic treatments. He is one of the few surgeons in the area who perform hip arthroscopic surgery.

“I see professional, college, and high school athletes,” says Dr. Roth, "and anybody who is trying be active and who needs their bodies to work properly and without pain.”

The goal is to approach all cases from a non-operative perspective, says Dr. Roth, who joined MOS in January 2021.

"It's only when we're sure that nothing else is going to make this person better that we consider surgery, and that's a big conversation to have with an athlete or active adult.

"If we can resolve issues with physical therapy or regenerative biologic injections to make the injury feel better, stronger, or make use of a brace, that's what we'll do. And that might be enough, but it depends on the injury and the pathology and what’s going on.”

Dr. Roth grew up in Moraga, where he attended Campolindo High School and played football. Among other sports, he's an avid hiker, cyclist, backpacker, and skier.
“I’ve been surrounded by sports my whole life, and got interested in medicine through my football coach and mentor, who was also an orthopaedic surgeon. During med school, I discovered that sports medicine is what I wanted to do. It’s helpful to understand sports because certain injuries congregate in certain sports. When an injury comes in, my background helps me know what to look for, how to diagnose, and how best to treat."

Dr. Roth attended UCLA for both undergrad and medical school, and Harvard University for orthopaedic training. He went on to a fellowship in sports medicine at the prestigious Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles. During his time in Los Angeles, Dr. Roth was a member of the team doctors for Southern California professional sports teams.

In addition to his current work with MOS, Dr. Roth is the full-time team physician for the Oakland Roots, a powerhouse minor league soccer team whose players are professionals and working toward making it into Major League Soccer.

Redwood Building
2625 Shadelands Drive
Walnut Creek
Dr. Roth cites several reasons for joining MOS, primary among them are the resources available to his patients and the variety of talented specialists with whom he works.

“The technology we have and the physical therapy facility are spectacular—my move here brings with it a lot of opportunities for my patients and for the service I can provide them."

To learn more about Dr. Roth and to view his video, visit him online.

Welcome to Shadelands, Dr. Roth!
Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) will be hosting its 30th annual musical extravaganza, Stars to the Rescue, this month, with an all-new, pick-your-date virtual concert that allows attendees to show support and enjoy the show at any time March 11–14.

Because this year's event is being streamed and available On Demand, music fans can pick the date and time that works best for them, then cozy up with their fur-pals and enjoy the show from the comfort of home.

Performers scheduled to appear include Trace Adkins, Luke Combs, Kevin Cronin, Dennis DeYoung, the Doobie Brothers, Gloria Estefan, Vince Gill, Sammy Hagar & The Circle, Bruce Hornsby, Lara Johnston, Christian McBride, Jeffrey Osborne, Timothy B. Schmit, Mickey Thomas, and more.

All performers are donating their time to an evening of music and fun to raise awareness and critical funds for ARF's lifesaving programs.

Proceeds allow ARF to save dogs and cats who have run out of time at public shelters and support programs that bring people and animals together to enrich each other's lives.
Virtual Event
March 11–14

2890 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek
BASS Urgent Care and American Red Cross team up on Tuesday, March 23, from 9am to 3pm, for a community blood drive, a truly life-changing partnership since each donation of one pint of blood can impact up to three lives. The public is invited to help BASS and American Red Cross help others so desperately in need.

To schedule a donation time, visit:

March 23, 2021

2637 Shadelands Drive
Entrance E
BASS Multipurpose Room
Walnut Creek
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Shadelands is home to 13 restaurants and food service businesses, including two taprooms, offering a wide and delicious selection of dishes and drinks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after hours. Each establishment has felt the sting of the pandemic as it has been forced to close, allowed to open with minimum service, and then close again in unsettled times.

Mindful of the devastating economic effects the health crisis has had on all restaurants, the City of Walnut Creek has implemented a $1 million Restaurant Grant Program to help the local restaurant community with expenses related to business operations changes due to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders.

Full service restaurants are eligible for up to $10,000 in grant funds, and limited service restaurants and bars are eligible for up to $5,000 in funds.

Collette Hanna
Economic Development Manager
1666 North Main Street, City Hall
Walnut Creek

Applicants must be independently owned with a physical brick-and-mortar location in incorporated Walnut Creek, and in business since June 2019. Grants are distributed on a first come/first served basis, with applicants required to meet general eligibility criteria.

Visit Restaurant Grant Program for more information, eligibility criteria, and the online application.
IN 2021
Generally 2nd & 4th Tuesday
9–10am, via Zoom

Visit Walnut Creek Chamber for details and registration for upcoming webinars. Topics, agendas, and dates are subject to change.
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