Please enjoy our Christmas lectures anytime during the holiday season.
If you find them soul-expanding,  please share them as "good karma" gifts with other spiritual seekers.
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Three Christmas Lectures
Our gifts to you this year are three esoteric lectures that 
will surely expand your perception into realms of 

Imagination, Inspiration,and Intuition 

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The Divine Feminine Trinity

The Divine Feminine Trinity
The Divine Feminine Trinity

"Great souls are twinned as male/female as they come 
into this realm of dualism.  Every God has his Goddess 
in the greater scheme of things, and every light creates 
a shadow in this world of day and night, 
waking and sleeping, life and death."
The Gospel of Sophia: The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity
Mysteries of Sophia 

Mysteries of Sophia
Mysteries of Sophia

"Sophia exists in everything, just as air receives sunlight, delivering life to all in need.  As a grail-offering of spiritual love, She unites  all things.  Knowing Her is to know communion of the spirit, to celebrate a thanksgiving of vitality, forever glorious. "
The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation
What does Rudolf Steiner Say about 
the  Being of AnthropoSophia?

Many of our anthroposophical readers have asked us "What does Rudolf Steiner say about the being of Sophia?"  "Does he describe a Divine Feminine Trinity and, if so, in which lecture or book?"

We have prepared this paper for Steiner scholars.  If you haven't read Steiner, then this paper may not resonate with you at this time. Or perhaps it is a way to be introduced to Steiner's work on the mysteries of Sophia.

Because of the length of this written lecture, we have created a beautiful PDF booklet posted on our website.  You are welcome to save it to your computer, print it, read on your tablet, share it with others, use in your study group.  The link goes safely to our website where you can then upload the document to your computer.   

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