The New Year is one of the world’s oldest-celebrated holidays — our society has commemorated New Year’s Eve since 2000 BC, according to Earth Sky. They report that it started as an 11-day festival, so if you’re struggling with one night of celebrating, imagine eleven. Since then, this 4,000-year-old holiday has evolved into what it is today.

 New Beginnings Mean You Can Try Something That Makes You Happy

Having a new beginning may be as simple as trying something new that makes you happy. This could be a popular resolution like working out more or eating better — these things do, over time, tend to make people healthier and happier. But if that’s not your thing, don’t force it! There are so many different ways the new year can bring you happiness. 
For instance, a new hobby. This could be reading more, taking more photos, crafting, cooking, or another solo activity that allows you to gain new skills and explore your creative side. It could also include more social activities like joining a club or an organization with people who have similar interests. Try something new that scares you a little, the best things happen outside of your comfort zone. Last year, I made a resolution to eat out less, and it wasn’t until then that I realized how much I genuinely love cooking and how much it makes me happy. Which leads me to the next point...

New Beginnings Are A Chance To Give Things Up That Make You Unhappy

Stop doing things that make you unhappy. A resolution doesn’t have to be adding something, it can be taking something away. Giving up unhealthy attachments or breaking a bad habit is a great way to start over. Quitting smoking and cutting back on alcohol both fairly common and totally respectable resolutions. But the things you give up, don’t have to be just clear and extreme negative influences. Sometimes the things you need to let go of take on more subtle forms. If you don’t like going to the gym, try a new way to stay active like hiking, a sport league, or a class. If being on social media makes you unhappy, take a hiatus or consciously limit the time you spend on social platforms. The new year is a great time to give up anything that’s holding you back, unpacking a little emotional baggage is a great way to travel forward.