Open Arms Korea, Winter 2021 Newsletter
OA/Dulwich Christmas Presents @ SMW 2020
As holiday seasons of giving approach, it’s also a time to reflect on gratitude. Even though we are still living in altered times due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is so much to be grateful for. Open Arms is a volunteer run organization that is fueled by love for the children we have come to know. We are grateful for every volunteer and member who make up Open Arms to help us reach the children. We are grateful for our partnership with Changemakers who share their time and insight. as we work towards a common goal. We are grateful for our major partner Dulwich College Seoul, for their outpouring of love and bringing Christmas to the children once again. We are grateful for the hard working staff at the welfare homes who are worn thin by this relentless pandemic but continue to work tirelessly day in and day out. Most of all, we are grateful for the children who inspire us and bring us so much joy! We are grateful for our small efforts that are making a difference in their lives. With love and gratitude, thank you for your ongoing support. We wish you and your families across the globe, peace, good health and abundance. 
Newsletter Editor/OA Founder
Open Arms Korea Team
4th Annual OA/Dulwich Christmas Present Drive
Since 2018, Dulwich College Seoul and their school community have provided Christmas gifts for all the children in the welfare homes Open Arms partners with. Every year we add more presents to the list and they have never let us down. This year is no exception with the addition of Dream Tree and Myeongjin. 180 personally selected presents by the children and room caregivers (valued at 30,000 KW) will be collected and delivered to the 4 welfare centers on December 8. Each present will also include a handwritten Christmas card from the student sponsoring the gift. Many families bought multiple presents and we even received a message from Dulwich that a parent was ‘begging’ to buy gifts even though all the presents were spoken for! Each year, the Dulwich Primary Office is transformed into a magical Santa’s workshop filled with Christmas presents waiting to be delivered to deserving children. This is no easy task. It takes a village of hardworking elves to pull it together! Thank you to the Primary Charity Committee lead by teachers, Ms. Mary Ann Campos and Ms. Hosana Lee, both OA Early Years volunteers. OA will host a Zoom meeting with the Charity Committee children to talk about OA, answer their questions and plan for future events. Thank you again Dulwich College Seoul for your kindness, hard work and for partnering with Open Arms!

Be our Santa!
Donations for Christmas presents for aged out young adults are needed and greatly appreciated.
30,000 KW buys 1 present!

한국오픈암스협회 (OPEN ARMS KOREA)
Woori Bank, Account no. 1005-904-041250
Branch address: Hankang-ro Banking Centre
Open Arms Korea Registration No. 514-82-91379

Please email to confirm your bank transfer and the purpose of your gift - "Christmas Present". Thank you for your generosity!
New! Myeongjin Early Years Program
Open Arms is excited to announce that we have started a new partnership with Myeongjin Welfare Centre in Gangdong-gu with the introduction of a monthly Saturday program. We have managed to visit twice now and adults and children alike have been enthusiastic about making new connections as we move towards living with COVID-19 in Korea. The turnout by Open Arms volunteers has been fantastic and we thank everyone for their support and commitment. It has been wonderful to see smiling people back together again after so long!

The time that we spend at Myeongjin is split into three sessions in order for us to see as many children as possible. So far, we have been able to work with 37 children from the centre, ranging from 5 - 12 years old. The focus of the sessions has been getting to know the children and them getting to know us through some simple tasks about their name and favourite colours. With such good volunteer numbers, the children have been able to have one to one time with an adult, which we feel is really important to help them grow as people. All groups were initially shy and quiet, however, it didn’t take long for them to start asking questions, sitting close to volunteers and generally engaging in the learning.
We hope that we can continue with these children in the long term. Our next session is 10am - 12noon on Saturday 11th December. In the future, we are looking to hopefully expand the number of sessions to twice a month in order for classes to be more impactful for the children.
James Loft, OA Volunteer since 2019

If you are interested or would like more information please email
CWWC Early Year's Update
매주 화요일 우리 아이들에게 즐거운 영어교실을 운영해주신 미영선생님께 진심으로 감사드립니다.^^ 당연히 케이티에게도 감사드리고, 리나 선생님도 모두 감사드려요. 저는 우리 아이들이 즐겁게 영어를 배울 수 만 있다면 더 열심히 하겠습니다. 오픈암즈 영어 활동을 우리 아이들이 너무 좋아하게 되어서 저는 더 행복합니다.
Ms. Gang, CWWC Coordinator
"I sincerely thank Ms. Miyong for running a fun English class for our children every Tuesday.^^ Of course, I would like to thank Katy as well as Ms. Lina. I will work even harder so my children can learn English in a fun way. I am even happier that my children love Open Arms English activities so much."
Beautiful Collaboration
Written by Sunghwa Han
In the spring of this year, ten young people formed a service group called the Changemakers with a vision of creating a virtuous circle of "Giving, Doing and Sharing" and benefiting various disadvantaged communities in Korea through united efforts and collective giving. The Changemakers are mentored and sponsored by the Hansoo Rotary club in Seoul and work side by side with a group of Rotary leaders to take action through service. 

For their first project, the Changemakers are working with Open Arms to support its personalized English program for young children in welfare homes in Korea. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has not been able to visit the welfare homes yet. Still, they have met with Open Arms leaders and volunteers to prepare educational materials for the classes.  

Nine out of the ten members grew up at the Dream Tree Village Welfare Home. It takes much courage and determination for them to participate in this endeavor since they have mixed emotions about growing up in the home. Regardless, all the group members are inspired to develop creative ways to support and mentor the young children. 

Thank you for allowing us to be on this meaningful journey, Hansoo Rotary and Open Arms!
Open Arms Korea New Volunteer Session
Wednesday, December 1, 2021 from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM KST 
One Caring Adult per child

Are you a new volunteer, or are you looking to join Open Arms Korea? Please join us for an information evening online where you can learn about us, what we do and why, and ask any questions you might have about our work.
OA Volunteer Voices
'Due to OA tutoring, 2 of the quieter students, 1 girl and 1 boy, have been coming out of their shells and have been engaging in a happier manner. She (Ms. Gang from CWWC) is so delighted at the transformation of these 2 children. They want to learn the English alphabet, participate in the songs and answer when it's their turn. She said we must never stop this program and continue as long as possible. She is so grateful for Katy's teaching plans, and also for our new volunteer, Kathrine Nielsen from Denmark. The kids are so comfortable with trying out English sentences and singing. It was very touching to hear that in our small ways, we are doing lots of good.'
Miyong Kim, OA Management Team & Volunteer Extraordinaire since 2017
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