AGM 2022 Newsletter
Held on 23 April 2022 @ SFBS, 12:30-14:00
We are pleased to present you with the minutes of our 2022 AGM. Transparency is a core value and we encourage you to please take the time to read and click buttons to view and listen to the reports in the newsletter. Thank you!
In person: 
9 Members
Online & proxy vote: 
3 Members
Proxy vote only: 
2 Members
Welcome Address
Barbara Bai
Our Founder Barbara Bai welcomed the attendees and thanked Seoul Foreign School for hosting and Katy Freeman for chairing the event. She especially thanked the volunteers who have worked during the pandemic to build up the organization and keep contact with the welfare homes and children, in particular Sanjini, Sally, Alicia and Katy. A short history of the organization followed, explaining how the first volunteers realized that each toddler needed a lap to sit on, and continued contact as they got older so that OA would be there for them throughout their childhood. As they age out we hope they will become our advisors and help children just like themselves. Our organization enables even those who move away to continue to help them from afar. We have emerged from the pandemic stronger; a more mature organization with more volunteers, and helping more children than before.
Election of Official Representative and Executive Director, Introduction of the Committee
Sally McEachen
Sally McEachen introduced the Committee: Led by Sanjini De Silva as Executive Director, the Committee is comprised of: Barbara Bai (Founder), Sally McEachen (Admin Officer), Katy Freeman (Programs Director), Dee Dee Wasmund, MiYong Lee, Nicole Gorman (Community Fundraiser), Joohee Byon, Lavinia Phey (Volunteer Coordinator). 

We are in need of further volunteers with experience in accounts, events, corporate fundraising and sponsorship.
Election of Official Representative and Executive Director.
Alicia Chung was unanimously elected as Official Representative
Sanjini De Silva was unanimously elected as Executive Director
Summary of the Years’ Activities
Katy Freeman
Katy showed a video summarizing our programs activities over the past 2 years since the pandemic began, including the gift drives by Dulwich School each Christmas, the handmade frogs by the children at SFS, the many packs that were sent out to the homes with activities for the children, the online sessions and the times when we were able to connect directly with the children at the homes.
CWWC Toddlers
Financial Report
Alicia Chung
Alicia gave a summary of the incomings and outgoings of the 2021 Financial Year, showing that we had a net surplus of 809,259KRW at the end of 2021, and a balance of 5,303,836KRW. Some costs are paid for directly by members and we are working towards being able to produce a realistic budget. Increased Membership subscriptions and fundraising will be crucial to this. 

The Official Representative role is being reduced to one from two, as all in person banking has to be done with both representatives present.

Thanks were given to Tracy Wenger for helping with the preparation of the accounts, and to Sue Shin for her role as Official Representative up to now. 
The Financial Report was approved by unanimous vote
Director's Report
Sanjini DeSilva
Sanjini gave a report on the successes and challenges of the past 2 years, and presented our plans for 2023. As a 100% volunteer run organization we have a lot to be proud of. We have registered our organization for tax purposes, doubled the number of homes we serve to four, adapted our practices to the pandemic, established a number of policies, including our safeguarding procedures, strengthened our communications and put a lot of effort into recruitment. Our partnerships with Dulwich, SFS, Changemakers and Life Together have continued to be supportive and fruitful. Sanjini gave particular thanks to the core team, the wider community of supportive volunteers, our partners and the welfare homes.
The Director’s Report was approved by unanimous vote
Final Remarks
After a brief discussion, Katy once again thanked attendees and those who voted by proxy
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