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Meet Ashia, the Head of CollegeJump

Behind the scenes of Collegejump, is Ashia Coleman. She helps coordinate and facilitates all aspects of CollegeJump. From individual counseling sessions to college tours, Ashia is behind it all. Take a moment to read a recent interview with Ashia about this exciting new program and how your donation will help students in Bayview Hunters Point.

Please introduce yourself:

My name is Ashia Coleman, I am the youth and development program manager and 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic. I am currently facilitating CollegeJump here at 3rd Street.

Can you walk us through what CollegeJump is? 

A bit of background from this program. We have seen a need for more college services and readiness programs for our youth. I was able to get experience going to school to be a college counselor and then I brought this knowledge back to 3rd Street.

How does the program work?

It is a generalized college readiness program where we help facilitate our community youth to prepare for college applications. We help students with the application process, attend college tours, and offer them advising sessions with me. I am planning to hold monthly college readiness presentations for the community to attend.

What do you need for this program to succeed? How can people help?

Support! Get the word out that we have a new service that can really help our youth in BVHP. We want to be able to make sure our youth of color and all youth are able to succeed in college and higher education and be on the path to graduation. Getting the word out about this program is huge! Donations will also be so helpful in paying off application fees, booking college tours, traveling to college campuses, and just being able to provide the necessary tools for our participants to succeed in higher education. 

Is there anything else you’d like to call out on CollegeJump? 

This is one of 3rd Street’s exciting new programs. I want everyone to know that this program will be great, but only with your support. We would love your help and support and donations, and getting the word out about this new program for our youth to succeed in a different capacity. We do a lot at 3rd Street, so providing access to higher education for our youth will be wonderful. If you’re able, please make donations and help CollegeJump succeed.

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