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           ONLINE GIVING
ONLINE GIVING is a safe and easy way for our Church to receive your donations. 

Benefits of Online Giving
1. It easy and convenient. There is no fee included.
2. It is safe and secure (SecureTrust e-commerce).
3. You can give from anywhere at anytime, even while you are away
on vacation.
4. It makes it flexible for you. You can do recurring contributions, change amounts, use your credit card, etc.
5. You can view a record of your giving any time you would like.
6. You can easily set up a regular giving schedule so you can remain consistent & and faithful in your giving.

Note: You can do online giving and also have a collection envelope to offer at Mass (simply check "Online Giving" on the outside of the envelope.) We can provide you with your envelopes anytime.

 Three Simple Steps for Online Giving
1. Hit the button below
2. Create your log in.  (Note: no need to enter info on
"Envelope number.")
3. View & update your info 

337 South Orange Ave, Newark NJ 07103
Rev. Joseph A. Meagher (Pastor)