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February 2024

Together We Build a Thriving Community for All!

Please Join Us to Celebrate Beth Yantek’s OneSource Center Contributions

Membership Coordinator/Administrative Assistant Beth Yantek will be retiring at the end of this month. Serving Common Good Store customers and member agencies since 2020, Beth has been an exemplary team member who will be sorely missed. Please stop by the Common Good Store February 26 – 29 for a sweet treat and to bid Beth a happy retirement!

February Mission Moment

Nineteen Nonprofit Council Members from FORBES recently shared the trends they see as impacting our sector in 2024. At OneSource Center, we work hard to provide you with the resources you need to stay abreast of the changing landscape in our sector, and this article provided great food-for-thought as we make plans to engage with you in 2024.To wrap my head around the trends, I identified four main themes that emerged:

Collaboration/Integrative Thinking/Innovation

“Gone are the days when we can rest on what we've always done or what's worked before. Many nonprofits are leaning into innovation, technology, innovative partnerships, brand collaborations and more to move their missions forward.” Jennifer ThompsonHope Loves Company Facilitating increased nonprofit collaboration and connectivity to improve community impact is one of OneSource’s Strategic Plan objectives. I am excited about a new initiative this year that will bring together agencies working on immigration – details to follow.

How We Do Our Work

This is a broad category that could spark some directional ideas. From marketing and fundraising in the digital age, to the use of Artificial intelligence to increase efficiency, and laser focused ways to communicate with stakeholders through effective storytelling and impact reporting, I invite you to explore any of these identified trends and how they could impact your agency this year. At OneSource Center, we are working to highlight our member agencies’ stories throughout the year in print and social media. Please let me know if your agency would like to be featured.

The Funding Landscape

Creating diversified earned income revenue streams and increased attention on fiscal planning and sustainability have made the list and are certainly not new priorities for our sector. Trust-based Philanthropy IS relatively new, and a trend identified that could positively impact our agencies – especially small and new agencies.  

Another Strategic Plan priority for OneSource is to attract, grow and deploy our resources to maximize community impact. In 2023 our Foundation funding grew by 24%, making it possible for us to provide more Common Good Store Vouchers for your clients, and to serve more agencies in our consulting program through fee subsidy support.

As well, OneSource vigorously explored the creation of a Community Impact Center that would expand our service offerings and create a conference center and workspace for the nonprofit sector. It was determined that due to the changing landscape of work and the way people gather, as well as the proliferation of current local capital campaigns this project is now placed on hold. The next steps are to be considered during this year’s new Strategic Planning process. 


“As the socio-political environment becomes more tense and polarized ahead of a U.S. presidential election, community-based organizations will continue to play a key role as trusted messengers within civil society. Organizations will strengthen their capacity to engage in advocacy to ensure that community members are informed, and their interests are uplifted and heard.” George HsiehCommunity Resource Exchange. As nonprofit organizations, it is in our best interest to advocate for our sector, but there is sometimes confusion between advocacy and lobbying – which is not allowed. Please see the training opportunity highlighted below (in the Learning, Leadership and Personal Growth section) and make a plan to have your voice at the table and be heard in 2024.

Read the Entire TRENDS Article

OneSource Center Membership Campaign:

Renew or Join Today!

The new membership year began on February 1 and OneSource Center is excited to welcome back our renewing members. And for those who have not yet joined us, we encourage you to check out the benefits and select the membership level that provides you with the services and support you need. Click here for all the details.

Whether you chose the Basic or Premium Membership, this year we have added a new benefit for both levels: a 90-minute coffee chat with a consultant to discuss strategy and leadership – or whatever else is on your mind. Also, we are investigating the ability to offer health insurance for agencies with 2 or more staff. If you are interested in exploring this new feature, please reach out to CEO Christie Brown at or by phone at 513.554.4944 for more information and to discuss your needs.

To renew or join, please complete the 2024 Membership Form online. Even if you have been a member for a long time, we ask that you complete the online form, so we have accurate, updated records for every agency. Thank you in advance for being a part of OneSource’s membership family. We are excited about serving your needs in 2024 so that you can better serve your mission and clients. Together, we build a thriving community for all.

2024 Membership Info

Learning, Leadership, and Personal Growth

Calling Leaders of Young Nonprofit Agencies!

Workshop Series Helps Build Your Network and Enhance Fundraising Skills

936 Dalton Ave, Cincinnati

Wednesday, March 6, 13, and 20, 9am-Noon

Are you the leader of an emerging nonprofit organization, looking to establish your base of community support? OneSource Center’s three session, in-person workshop will connect you with tips, tactics, and tools to gain traction in fund development and enhance your network in the community.

Registration is limited to eight participants. 

Register Here

Make Your Voice Heard!

Nonprofit Advocacy Workshop on February 29


Thursday, February 29, 11am-Noon

Advocacy is at the heart of most nonprofits. It helps them further their mission, raise awareness and money, and allows them to influence policy strategies that address local and national problems. Yet many organizations do not participate in advocacy due to misinformation, fear, or a lack of resources.

Join us for a complimentary CPE-eligible webinar (sponsored by FORVIS) to discuss steps and strategies to develop an advocacy program.

Register Here

Leadership Training Program for Managers

Spring 2024 Session:

Bi-weekly, April 11 - June 20, 9 am - Noon

Talbert House Executive Office; 2600 Victory Parkway

The Nonprofit Leadership Institute of Greater Cincinnati, a collaboration between Talbert House and OneSource Center, will be offering their ADVANCE Leadership training series beginning April 11, 2024. ADVANCE is a multi-session, in-person program for management and leadership level staff to deepen understanding of EI, healthy conflict, and communication. Leading Others focuses on strengthening the management and leadership skills specifically for supervisors at any level of authority. Invest in your team and watch collaboration flourish!

Register Here

Remaking the Economy: Building Regional Solidarity Economies


Wednesday, February 21


Sponsored by the NonProfit Quarterly, learn how nonprofits and movement activists are advancing strategies to address the economic and social inequalities of our time.

Whether you’re a social movement activist, nonprofit leader, board member, or engaged in community-based organizing, this webinar will provide you with real-life examples and lessons learned that can inform your work in your own community.

Register Here

Greater Cincinnati Funder's Panel

February 21, 2024, 9-10:30am

LaunchEd Banquet Room, Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education, Main Floor

2651 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati

Join us for an in-person funder’s panel where we will discuss grant opportunities and how to best position your organization for a successful grant proposal and mutually beneficial funding relationship.


For February’s panel, we are proud to welcome the following funders and representatives:

  • Bi3 – Jennifer Zimmerman (Vice President of Evaluation and Impact)
  • Horizon Community Fund of Northern Kentucky – Mary Kate Vanderglas (Director
  • of Marketing and Communications)
  • Northern Cincinnati Foundation – Erin Satzger (President and CEO)

Co-Sponsored by:

Register Here

Featured Grant Opportunities

Pro Grantseeking Tip – Connect with the Program Officer well in advance of the deadline to discuss your project. The adage that people give to people applies in foundation and corporate fundraising as well as giving from individuals.

Interact for Health Strategy Update & 2024 Grant Preview

Last February, Interact for Health launched a strategy with a focus on advancing health justice through improving mental health and well-being, policy and systems change and building community power. In the past year, Interact for Health has funded 105 grants for a total of $7.8M.

Join the Webinar on February 12 from 11:30 – 12:30 to hear what they have learned one year into the strategy and what to expect from their grantmaking in 2024.

Learn More and Register Here

American Rescue Act Digital Divide Grant

Hamilton County Commissioners are partnering with United Way of Greater Cincinnati (UWGC) to expand affordable broadband internet access to families in the County. Commissioners are investing $1.5 million in American Rescue Plan Act resources toward the program that will be administered by the UWGC.

Nonprofit organizations and local governments in Hamilton County, Ohio, are eligible to apply for funds. The minimum grant request is $10,000 and the maximum is $200,000. Organizations can apply for funding to install public Wi-Fi, thereby expanding infrastructure to County residents and providing affordable access to broadband internet.  Round One Applications are due March 8

Watch the recorded Program Overview here.

Virtual Q&A Sessions will be hosted on Thursday, February 22 at 2pm, and on Thursday, February 27, at 10am.

Learn More

Community Perspectives

Understanding What's Needed and Taking Action to Bring a Vision to Life

Stefanie Easley, the President and Founder of the Erica Easley Foundation, is a cohort member of the inaugural Young Nonprofit Workshop in 2023. Stefanie started the Erica Easley Foundation after tragically losing her sister, Erica, in a distracted driving accident. “The loss of my only sister gave me a purpose to help others become more aware of the dangers of distracted driving,” Stefanie says. The Foundation provides education and early intervention for young drivers to mold safe driving practices. 

The Young Nonprofit Workshop Series was instrumental in providing Stefanie with the guidance, resources, and information to help her prioritize her tasks, strategize her thinking, and quantify the value of her time and programs as she stabilizes the Foundation activities. “This workshop gives you the structure to build a financially and operationally sustainable organization,” she states. One improvement she has made since finishing the 2023 workshop is to think strategically about who needs to be on her Board of Directors. She has been networking with people who can position the Foundation in front of the appropriate audiences to reach supporters within the educational space.

Strategically growing her Board is only one of the priorities Stefanie identified through the workshop series. She is also planning her educational activity calendar to launch a program called “Alive at 25” targeted for young adults and recruiting volunteer leadership support to enhance community outreach and engagement efforts. Stefanie herself is a volunteer, and wants to grow the Foundation enough that she can hire a paid Executive Director. “I’m not selfish with the organization; I want it to go far,” Stefanie says, and although she always wants to be active with it, she also wants to see it succeed far into the future. The Young Nonprofit Workshop Series has helped her establish the necessary preliminary infrastructure to support its growth in early years.

Have you started a nonprofit organization and are ready to participate in this influential series?

Register Here

Erica Easley, President and Founder of the Stefanie Easley Foundation, provides education and early intervention for young drivers to mold safe driving practices.

Resources and Operational Enhancements

18th Annual Mayor's Career Expo

Looking for a summer intern or anticipating a need for additional full or part-time workers?  Consider staffing a booth (cost is only $200) at the Mayor’s Career Expo on Saturday, February 24 from 10 AM – 1 PM at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Attendance is expected to reach 1,200+ high school students, recent graduates and college students looking for summer internships as well as seasonal part-time and full-time jobs.

Find more information here.

We All Count Data Equity Primer

The Data for Equity Funding Collaborative, a collaboration of bi3, HealthPath, and Interact for Health, is sponsoring a free one-hour virtual introductory workshop designed to educate organizations on the core issues facing the equitable and ethical use of data. The We All Count Data Equity Primer will review why nonprofits must remove bias from the information they collect and analyze and introduce a concrete approach to collecting equitable data.

The free workshop will take place online (via Zoom) February 27, 1:00pm-2:30pm. EST.

Register here.

Common Goods Store News

Things in the OneSource Common Good Store never stay the same; from the products to the way we do things, we are constantly striving to improve this resource to serve our clients better. We have some amazing new products in stock, some new employees, and new policies regarding acceptance of credit cards.  

There is a $10 minimum sale amount for credit card purchases. Smaller purchases can be invoiced and paid by check or ACH payment.

Sales that are invoiced must be paid via check of ACH payment.

Personal credit cards may now be used to pay for sales at time of checkout. Previously, only an agency card was accepted, however we realize that this is an impediment for some who do not have a credit card in the agency's name.

We hope to see you in the Common Good Store soon either to shop or to pick up things that you have purchased through our online store!

Free Professional Headshots for Nonprofit Executives

Leigh Taylor has generously offered her services to Executive Director’s in need of a new headshot. A former staff photographer for 11 years at the Cincinnati Enquirer who now owns her own business, Leigh has served as photographer for

many local non-profit agencies (United Way, Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Women Helping Women, to name a few). We are grateful to her for this opportunity.

We have 24 spots available.

Preference will be given to OneSource Center members and there are 24 sessions


Leigh is also available for events and other photography needs. To view Leigh’s work, please go to her website, Photography by Leigh Taylor, at

Reserve an Appointment!

Volunteers in the Spotlight

Welcome to OneSource Center, Claude!

OneSource Center is pleased to welcome Claudine (Claude) Zukowski to our Board of Trustees. Claude has been a 31-year employee at Procter & Gamble, with her current role being Senior Director of Community Impact. We are thrilled to have her expertise in strategic program development, communications, and partnership management. 

Workshops, Events, and DEIA Calendar

Find more information and links on the OneSource Calendar.

  • February: Black History Month
  • February 7: AFP: How to Make Digital Development a Program, not Overhead!
  • February 10: Lunar New Year
  • February 13: Conquering Your Donor Database Dragon
  • February 14: Frederick Douglas' Birthday
  • February 15: Andrew Jergens Foundation LOI Deadline
  • February 15: Warren County Discretionary Grant Deadline
  • February 15: Susan B Anthony's Birthday
  • February 15: Parinirvana Day
  • February 20: World Day of Social Justice
  • February 21: ProBono Partnership of Ohio: Handing Disability and Pregnancy Accommodation Requests
  • February 21: Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council Conversations & Coffee
  • February 22: American Rescue Act Digital Divide Grant Q&A
  • February 27: American Rescue Act Digital Divide Grant Q&A
  • February 27: Ask Now! Role Playing for Fundraisers
  • February 28: Bare Bones Marketing
  • February 29: Creating Accessible Social Media
  • March 1: Butler Foundation Grant Deadline
  • March 1: Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation LOI Deadline
  • March 1: Middletown Community Foundation Grant Deadline
  • March 1: National Employee Appreciation Day
  • March 6: Young Nonprofit Workshop Series Launch
  • March 6: AFP Networking & Knowledge
  • March 7: Pro Bono Partnership Ohio Employment Helpline
  • March 8: American Rescue Act Digital Divide Grant Deadline
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