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January 2024

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January Mission Moment

As we usher in the new year, I hope you are feeling energized and ready to tackle the work that will move your mission forward in 2024! OneSource Center is here to help you face the challenges and support you along the journey. I appreciate you and your insight and encourage you to reach out to me with ideas for collaboration and concerns that we might address together. You can reach me at 513-554-4944 or

I also encourage you to consider tapping into the Movers & Makers publication when their focus coincides with your mission. See the editorial schedule and use this wonderful nonprofit publication to highlight your work and organization.

2024 Movers & Makers Editorial Calendar

Submit story ideas or content to

Each print issue will contain a special section focused on one topic* area and “Notables” within that nonprofit sector. 

  • February: Corporate philanthropy
  • March: Senior services
  • April: The “green” issue
  • May: Staycations: small museums and cultural institutions
  • June: Social justice
  • July: Health care: ancillary family services
  • August: Educational enhancement organizations
  • September: Performing arts: theater
  • October: Exhibiting arts: lens-based art
  • November: The “giving” issue: National Philanthropy Day honorees
  • December/January: Nonprofit power couples

OneSource Center Membership Campaign:

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The new membership year begins February 1 and OneSource Center is excited to welcome back our renewing members.

And for those who have not yet joined us, we encourage you to check out the benefits and select the membership level that provides you with the services and support you need. Click here for all the details.

Whether you chose the Basic or Premium Membership, this year we have added a new benefit for both levels: a 90-minute coffee chat with a consultant to discuss strategy and leadership – or whatever else is on your mind. Also, we are investigating the ability to offer health insurance for agencies with 2 or more staff. If you are interested in exploring this new feature, please reach out to CEO Christie Brown at or by phone at 513.554.4944

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To renew or join, please complete the 2024 Membership Form online. Even if you have been a member for a long time, we ask that you complete the online form, so we have accurate, updated records for every agency. Thank you in advance for being a part of OneSource’s membership family. We are excited about serving your needs in 2024 so that you can better serve your mission and clients. Together, we build a thriving community for all.

2024 Membership Benefits

Learning, Leadership, and Personal Growth

Calling Leaders of Young Nonprofit Agencies! OneSource Center Workshop Series Helps Build Your Network and Enhance Fundraising Skills

Are you the leader of an emerging nonprofit organization, looking to establish your base of community support? OneSource Center’s three session, in-person workshop will connect you with tips, tactics, and tools to gain traction in fund development and enhance your network in the community. Attendance is requested at all three sessions to increase the depth of your learning as you hear insights and questions from your peers. Plus, you will receive hands-on guidance from our three expert facilitators.

Workshops take place from 9 AM to Noon on March 6, 13 and 20. Registration is limited to eight participants. 

Register Here

Join Fellow Nonprofit Leaders in Upholding Ethical Philanthropy

An ethical philanthropic culture makes the world a better place. In Greater Cincinnati, our causes are diverse and distinct, but our passion and commitment to a better community are universal. Ethical philanthropy is rooted in and implemented through the lens of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA). Join the Cincinnati Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals in stating your commitment that wherever we work and whoever we serve, we do so to the highest standards while adopting a lens of IDEA in all we do in the community.

Join the 45-plus nonprofit leaders who have already signed the Declaration of Ethical Philanthropy.

AARP Purpose Prize Honors Founders with $50,000 Grant – Deadline 2/29/24

The AARP® Purpose Prize® award is a one-of-a-kind national award that honors people aged 50-plus who are using their life experience to make a better future for us all. The award recognizes nonprofit founders who are aged 50-plus with $50,000 for their organizations and a year of support and resources to help broaden their impact. "Our Purpose Prize nominees are shining examples of a simple yet profound truth: When we find our sense of purpose - that certain something that gives us a reason to get up and get going everyday - we not only give meaning to our own lives, we make the world a better place for everyone," says AARP CEO Joanne Jenkins. In addition to the $50,000 for the nonprofit, winners will also receive a year of technical support to broaden the organization's capacities.

Eligibility, FAQs, and Application

Featured Grant Opportunities

Pro Grantseeking Tip – Connect with the Program Officer well in advance of the deadline to discuss your project. The adage that people give to people applies in foundation and corporate fundraising as well as giving from individuals.

PNC Charitable Trusts

A dedicated supporter of social services, health care and the arts, the PNC Charitable Trusts offer quarterly deadlines as follows: February 1, May 1, August 1, October 1.

Program Officer:

Lisa Roberts-Rosser


Eligibility Requirements

Andrew Jergins Foundation

The Foundation’s prime interest is the health, education, cultural experiences and social welfare of children in the Greater Cincinnati area. The application is a two-step process beginning with a Letter of Intent, followed by a Full Application (if approved). The Foundation is managed through the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and there are three deadlines per year: February 15, June 15, November 15.

Eligibility Requirements

Community Perspectives

Scaling Up to Meet the Needs

For 15 years, the St. Paul Episcopal Church in Newport has been providing food through their pantry program to individuals and families who are currently experiencing food insecurity. During the era of COVID response and recovery, they transitioned their distribution model to meet the needs of their community and began taking steps to widen their reach. Their operations evolved from an on-site pantry, to a mobile pantry which now feeds 2200 people each year across four sites including three traveling pantries which serve senior housing at Saratoga Place, Highland Village, and Grand Towers.

As their operational model became more complex, the staff and volunteer leadership realized they were becoming compartmentalized in their activities. Communication was challenged, and information was not flowing organically between the four food pantry teams. OneSource Center was invited to facilitate discussions among team leaders to improve internal collaboration. Together, they deepened their understanding of the roles and responsibilities, and created an organizational chart that helped clarify their internal structure. They are now also more easily able to recruit, train, and place new volunteers to fill gaps in their service delivery.

The food pantry teams are excited now about their next steps. They have acquired two grants to bolster their operations and supplies, and are developing new relationships through both in-person and digital social networks. They are poised, organized, and ready to take on whatever challenges they may encounter within the next 15 years.

Chuck Grone, Food Pantry Director, in the Walk-In Pantry located at the St. Paul Episcopal Church in Newport.

Resources and Operational Enhancements

Office Space for Rent

Unique, second floor 1,304 square foot open concept office space with kitchenette and one full bath. Located at 4234 Hamilton Ave in Northside on the campus of Churches Active In Northside (CAIN). Perfect opportunity for a small nonprofit or social service organization. $1,500/month includes all utilities except internet. Available immediately. Contact Melissa Meyer at for more information or a tour.

Community Space for Development and Lease

OTR A.D.O.P.T. is a nonprofit that renovates historic buildings in Over-the-Rhine. Their newest property at 122 E. McMicken is a gathering space to foster engagement and collaboration. Full commercial rent is $2,000, but they are willing to be very flexible on the rental cost for the right tenant. Deadline is January 15, 2024. For more information contact Ioanna Paraskevopoulos. Read the RFP

Healthcare Support for Older Employees

Retirement is NOT a requirement for Medicare. Individuals can continue working while taking advantage of the many benefits of Medicare. By encouraging employees aged 65 and older to explore their health plan options, you could help them achieve significant cost savings AND access to more benefits. Plus, should an employee decide to move to Medicare, your business will save on health insurance expenses too!

Learn how RetireMed can help.

Workshops, Events, and DEIA Calendar

Find more information and links on the OneSource Calendar.

  • January 11: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
  • January 15: MLK Day
  • January 15: The Daniel and Susan Pfau Foundation LOI Deadline
  • January 16: National Day of Racial Healing
  • January 18: GCF Boots on the Ground Grant Deadline
  • January 24: Top 10 Take-Aways from Recent Supreme Court Decisions: Employment Law Considerations for Nonprofits Seeking a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Workforce
  • January 27: UN International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
  • January 31: Employee Appreciation: Preserving Your Most Precious Commodity
  • January 31: Horizon Community Fund Grant Deadline
  • February 1: PNC Charitable Trusts Grant Deadline
  • February 1: Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio Employment Helpline
  • February 7: AFP: How to Make Digital Development a Program, not Overhead!
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